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We Were Cosmonauts
We Were Cosmonauts

If you go
What: We Were Cosmonauts
When: 9 p.m. Thursday
Where: Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver, 303-291-1007
Cost: $10

Apparently, We Were Cosmonauts are immune to the effects of the proverbial “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Four out of five of the band’s members are songwriters, and that’s working out just fine.

Besides that, four of them are singers. Here’s the breakdown: Shelby Britton and Jordan Roedding both on guitar, bass and vocals, Christopher Church on lead guitar and vocals, Lauren Aycock Anderson on piano/keyboard and vocals, and James Black on drums.

“The interesting thing is — going from the EP and what’s on our website — is what we sort of all brought individually to the band,” guitarist, bassist, singer and songwriter Jordan Roedding said.

He’s not just talking about musical talent, either. The band members have lived all over the country and developed different tastes in music, so they each bring different influences into the studio. Roedding and Church lived together in Georgia, Hawaii, and then Albuquerque, where they met Black. That trio came to Denver and started playing open mic shows every Thursday at Summit Music Hall, which is where they found Britton. Finally, they brought in Anderson, wife of their recording engineer Rex Anderson, when they discovered she “tears the keys apart and sings well.”

They each bring something a little different to the table. For instance, Black used to play in a metal band, so when the band is writing, Roedding said that influence will “weird things up a little.” On the other hand, he called Church “the most indie kid ever,” with influences like Pedro the Lion and Great Lake Swimmers. Roedding himself is a fan of bands like The Flaming Lips and Band of Horses, and he grew up listening to Incubus and Sublime.

“It gives it a really nice eclectic background when we start going back and forth,” Roedding said. “Now we’re at a cool point where we’re comfortable with each other as musicians so we can write together.”

The result of bringing together multiple songwriters with different ideas is, oddly enough, a sort of alt-rock sound. We Were Cosmonauts sound like the good stuff from the ‘90s, but with the technology of 2011. Like many bands, though, they’re want to avoid getting stuck in genre.

“We’re striving to be a vocal band, and not a band that has one sound,” Roedding said.

Decide for yourself Thursday night at Larimer Lounge, where We Were Cosmonauts will play with The Kris Lager Band, The Stripe Stripe Fiasco and One Sun One Moon.

Hollidayrain at Club 156

By the way, have you checked out the new electronic series at Club 156? This weekend looks like a killer time to do it.

Hollidayrain, aka Sreyas Krishnan, has the underrated ability to create pulsing, diverse and danceable tracks that don’t overwhelm. Give him a listen on his SoundCloud page. I recommend 3.0.

While you’re at it, check out the rest of Saturday night’s acts. Trent Begin and Niftee are back after a successfully bumping Club 156 show just a few weeks ago, and Watkins Empire will bring his guitar into the mix.

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