Lazy people aren’t likely to find the Colorado Daily rock, but this week, the Lazy Dog was hiding it.

This week’s winner, Carrie Fischer, found the rock underneath a bush just off the stairs of the cafe while running errands with her 11-month-old daughter.

“I saw Vic’s coffee and I thought, ‘Oh my god that’s where it’s gotta be,” Fischer said. “One thing lead to the next, really. It was just kind of like, wait a second, whoa! So I went around the whole building looking for it.”

And a lazy searcher she is not. Fischer was out looking for the rock the day before, too.

“You know, its funny, between the first two clues I was thinking about it and at first I thought it was going to be in the Crossroads Mall. So I went over there based on the first two clues thinking that’s where it was gonna be.”

A good guess, since Day 2’s clue said “To find me, you’ll need to go to a crossroads.” Plus, Fischer said, there’s a Party City there, which lines up with the Day 1 clue, “If this is where the party is, I think I missed it.”

Fischer also has a 4-year-old son, so she and her husband are thinking practically with the $500 prize.

“You know, right now we are pretty strapped so it’s gonna be grocieries and bills,” she said. “If I’m lucky I’ll be able to save a hundred or two for Christmas money.”