Patrick Mullholland
Patrick Mullholland

Your turn

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Name: Patrick Mulholland

Year: Senior

Major: Ecology and evolutionary biology

Hails from: Blaine, Wash.

Q: What would you do if you met, “The Situation?”

A: “Find someone else to talk to.”

Q: What is your perfect junk food meal?

A: “Microwave bean and cheese burritos.”

Q: What was the last animated movie you saw?

A: “Avatar.”

Q: Who’s your favorite Colorado sports team?

A: “CU Rugby, I was on the team last year.”

Q: Clothing item that automatically turns you off from a girl?

A: “I don’t really have one, but wear tennis shoes while you’re dressed up and I’ll pounce on you.”

Q: Do you have a favorite show right now?

A: “I don’t watch TV.”

Q: What kind of cologne do you wear?

A: “None.”

Q: Have you ever “faked and baked?”

A: “Yeah I did because my two friends convinced me to.”

Q: Do you know your blood type?

A: “O negative.”

Q: Caffeine; coffee, or soda?

A: “I’m addicted to coffee, iced coffee from Cafe Roma.”