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A still from "The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg," which is showing this weekend at the Boedecker Theater.
A still from “The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg,” which is showing this weekend at the Boedecker Theater.

Suddenly there’s a lot to do. Or maybe it’s that time feels compressed — here come the holidays, the end of the year, everybody’s vacation time and, what the heck, let’s do away with an hour of daylight.

I have two reactions in times like these: hunker down with a Scotch and a new CD from Albums or fill every last second of the day with food and art and let my credit card bill teach me a lesson later. This being a nightlife column…

Shore up your Boulder cred by spending a few hours learning about and thinking about the rambunctious poets who were on the cutting edge of making our city a little less The-Man and a little more hu-man. “The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg,” directed by local filmmaker and longtime CU prof Jerry Aronson, is playing once more at the Boedecker Theater at the Dairy, 2590 Walnut St., paired with “Howl,” an impressionistic look at Ginsberg’s most famous poem and the legal battle over its “decency” or lack thereof.

The schedule: This Saturday, “Life and Times” shows at 6 p.m., with a Q&A session with Aronson right after, followed by “Howl” at 8:30 p.m. Sunday, “Howl” shows at 5 p.m., then “Life and Times” at 7 p.m., and some facetime with Aronson after that. More information at or

One more film note: “Spectrauma,” a thriller from Boulder native and CU grad (electrical engineering ’93) Michael Lauter, was shot on CU campus, with some CU actors and, he told me, a particularly strong visual effects effort from current student Colton Kooker. Check out the trailer at the bottom of this column, and check out a screening at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, Nov. 16, at
AMC Westminster Promenade 24.

A quick mention here — because Kristy will tell you more — of First Bite Boulder. It’s fancypants food at casualpants prices all over town from Friday through next Saturday, so take a day off from your usual haunt and try something new. My only complaint? It’s often hard for a vegetarian to find something on these prix fixe menus that doesn’t feel tacked-on. Disagree? Tell me which vegetarian courses make your mouth water — other than Leaf, which is all-veg, all the time (and great — don’t get me wrong, we love ’em).

A few veg contenders at places I’d consider spending my First Bite dough: Arugula, with a squash and apple penne and vegetarian lasagne; Cafe Aion, with a squash tagine with apricots, saffron and pistachios; Tahona, with tofu mole; and Terroir, with a house-made seitan. And of course there are plenty of raviolis, gnocchis and risottos to go around. More info: Thanks to @userealbutter for letting me complain to her about this for no apparent reason and to @GraceFullPlate for backing me up on Terroir looking pretty dern veg-friendly.

OK, meat-eaters, I know it was tough to get through those two paragraphs. Here’s your prize: One of my very favorite whiskey distillers, Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery, which makes Hudson Whiskey, will be giving away free whiskey Thursday evening at The Pinyon, 1710 Pearl Street, from 5-6 p.m. While you’re there, ask them about their Odell beer and dinner pairing on Sunday — you’ll get all the meaty information you can handle. They’ll even say the word “turducken.”

Dave Burdick is the editor of the Colorado Daily and would like for you to talk to him at the Daily’s new Google Plus page:

Here’s a trailer for “Howl”:

And now, for some “Spectrauma”:

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