No brawling at the ice rink, people. Lexie Schmelzer, from right, and Sasha Gordon spin around together while Katie Abdell watches at the Boulder Ice Rink on 13th Street. Mara Auster/For the Colorado Daily.

It looked like a brawl was about to break out in Boulder High’s cafeteria. The weapon of choice? Thin, thin skis.

It’s just the Boulder Nordic Club’s ski swap, I told myself as I elbowed my way through thin, thin people toward the skis. Surely these Nordic skiers are a civilized group.

Then again, they’re endurance athletes. The could brawl long and steady, ‘til dawn. And let’s not forget that the biathletes carry guns.

I eventually found skate skis, no brawling required. I did consider challenging a guy from Boulder Nordic Sport to a pull-up contest after I failed his test twice.

“Are these good for me?” I asked, handing him a pair.

“Too stiff,” he said of the first pair.

“Too soft,” of the second. Grr.

(Resisting the urge to write “that’s what she said.”)

Fortunately, I got it “just right” before it came to fisticuffs or pull-ups.

Now, burdened with just-right skate skis and nowhere to flail on them, this new Nordic gal has a dilemma: Where do I let this skate psych bust out when there’s no groomed snow this side of the Divide?

The obvious answer for now is to ice skate rather than skate ski at this weekend’s opening of the ice rink at One Boulder Plaza.

No brawls — be lovers at the ice rink, not fighters.

Info: Opens Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. $3 admission, $2 skate rental;

Fishy pix
The Weekend Ticklist rarely includes underwater sports, like basket weaving or one-third triathlons.

But this is the kind of art show we don’t often see here in the mountains. On Friday, coral reef scientist and photographer Caine Delacy will open his show of underwater photography at Amante Coffee on Walnut Street.

The event invite reads:

“The gallery will be used to launch a major research expedition project planned in East Africa, and the images shown will mainly be from that region.”

So they weren’t shot at the bottom of the Boulder Res during a one-third triathlon. Darn.

Delacy’s website,, is full of images of fantastical fishes. And dudes climbing with no shirts (Delacy doesn’t just shoot underwater). But the show at Amante is about the ocean, not climbing, so calm down. Also, if you see me there asking a hawt barista to pose for a photo, just assume I’ve had a few “adult” coffee drinks.

Info: Opening 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, Amante downtown, 1035 Walnut St.

GoLite sale
There’s another GoLite sale this weekend.

Read: There’s another chance for you to lose a paycheck on (a lot of) gear this weekend.

But follow closely, because this sale moves. This time, it’s at the corner of Valmont Road and 29th Street.

Info: Saturday through Nov. 20, 2845 29th Street.;

Avy Beny

Early-bird Epic Passers might be hitting opening weekend at Breck (this weekend!). If you’re there on Saturday, stop by the Friends of CAIC (Colorado Avalanche Information Center) Benefit Bash on the Riverwalk.

If you’re a backcountry skier or rider in Colorado, the CAIC works all winter long to help keep you alive by reporting on the snowpack all over the state. That’s a worthwhile reason to stop by and share a cheers over a beer with your ski pals.

Info: $30 in advance, $35 day-of; register at

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