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FIVE THINGS: Tennis + Black Keys, making polite conversation and the sonnet I’m writing about your cat

Good morning and don’t waste any time clicking this — it’ll take you to a combination of two of my favorite things: Colorado and the Black Keys. Meteoric Denver band Tennis, with whom we spoke about a year ago and later named one of the 10 Colorado bands that show off the state’s different sounds, are working with Pat Carney of the Black Keys on their new album, Young and Old. The track I’m sending you to is from a single that’ll be out sooner — also produced by Carney. We like it when people from the Black Keys work with breakout artists.

I was also listening to some Toubab Krewe yesterday — they’re playing at the Fox tonight and Ashley talked to them about their unusual combination of influences.

I broke my toe a long time ago and it’s still getting better, but I walk a little funny, which makes me feel slightly clumsy. So I guess here’s a video of astronauts falling over because WHO’S THE GENIUS NOW, GENIUS?

The weekend is just over the horizon and so are the slopes you’re dreaming of — want to think about doing a little volunteering this year to help other people enjoy the slopes, too? There’s a pretty cool sounding opportunity this Saturday with Ignite Adaptive Sports, which helps the disabled population get in on some winter outdoor recreation. And if skiing or volunteering aren’t on your calendar this weekend, we’ve helpfully lined up things for you to do in both Boulder and Denver, so there are no excuses for cat-sitting or getting drunk with your cat or writing sonnets about your cat.

But if you do write sonnets about your cat, send them to us at with the subject line “CAT SONNET.”

So you thought you could just ignore the whole Paterno thing and sort of nod blankly when people brought it up in conversation but it’s not going away, huh? Yeah, well, here’s your 2-minute catch-up so you can feel like you’re part of the conversation through the end of the week.

Tomorrow is No Email Day, so I guess we’re all gonna get fired. More importantly, it’s November 11, 2011. Or 11/11/11. And You need to make some special plans for 11:11 and 11 seconds. So start thinking now. Here’s a song to get you inspired:

Bonus thing: Mike Tyson as Herman Cain.

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