Any description of a group’s sound that says it’s “a blend of hip hop, R&B and funk” usually reeks of wishy-washy bullshit. That’s why it pains me to call Air Dubai‘s new EP, Day Escape, a blend of hip hop, R&B and funk.

Maybe adding some words will help. A seamless blend? A catchy blend? How about “Roots-like”? It seems like Air Dubai is hot on The Roots’ trail. Of course, they have a long way to go to match them, but the style and the talent are there. Emcee Julian Thomas and singer Jon Shockness are well matched. When they trade verses, it feels like they’re supporting each other rather than competing. The rest of the band is in top form too, and Day Escape includes some great moments for Wesley Watkins on trumpet. “Soul & Body” is the standout on the EP, with a dance-worthy drum beat over more mellow synths, not to mention a great keyboard solo.

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