This is the time of year when people like me are supposed to be compiling lists upon lists of things that’ve been notable in the past year. Top albums of 2011, favorite meals, oddest stories — that kind of thing. No dice. Either I’ve lost my reflective gear or I’m just too busy with the present and unable to think about the rest of the year.

I’m fine at coming up with things you should look at today. Right now. Immediately. Search this site for “Five Things” and you’ll see what I mean.

But when it comes to thinking back, I’m going to have to rely on some local events this weekend to knock me out of the here-and-now. Here’s what’s on the slate:

This week marks 70 years since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, spurring national remembrance of World War II and the 1940s. Fitting, then, that Saturday from 6 p.m. until deep into the night — 1 a.m., even — you can doll yourself up ’40s-style and enjoy the Big Band Christmas Ball . On the slate are ’40s and ’50s holiday fun with music from The Hot Tomatoes and from performers in the style of Sinatra and the Andrews Sisters, reenactments from popular old-timey Christmas movies and, possibly, maybe… enchantment. Tickets are $45 and, as of this writing, are still available.

My big-band-nerd sources say it’s a good old time — and photos from previous events organized by the same folks look really incredible. Period dress is strongly recommended.

It all goes down at the Boulder Elks Lodge, 3975 28th St. Get more information at

Speaking of anniversaries, Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Café , 1203 13th St., is celebrating one year of poetry and caffeine this Saturday. Know what’ll be at the celebration? Poetry and caffeine — and a 20 percent discount on all books, all day. There will also be live music at times throughout the day, and at night, the café hosts the Winter Art Gala with food from nearby Café Aion, a silent art auction, poetry readings and plenty more.

I asked proprietor Brian Buckley to send over a poem he thought was in some way representative of the year at Innisfree and he quickly emailed over Sylvia Plath’s “Morning Song.”

“Kate and I feel the store is our third child — we have two daughters,” wrote Buckley. “This poem reminds us of ‘birthing’ the store and the so many clear vowels we have seen rise in the store during our first year of weekly readings.”

I don’t have the space here — or likely the legal cover — to reprint the poem, but look it up or go on into the shop and ask about it. More info at Most of the day is free, but the gala, starting at 6 p.m., costs $10.

By the way? Off the top of my head? Top album: Thurston Moore, Demolished Thoughts. Favorite meal (excluding the week I got married, because that’s not a fair fight): coffee and donuts outside at the Pinyon at sunset with my special lady friend. Oddest story: Gotta be the guy who was hiding in the portable toilet.

See? You can do anything if you convince yourself that you have to — no matter how inane! Good luck getting your end-of-year stuff done and have fun this weekend.

Dave Burdick writes about things to do in Boulder once a week for the Colorado Daily. Let him know what’s up on Twitter at @daveburdick.

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