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Boy, is it morning again already? I could have sworn it was just night time. Seeing as the sun is pouring in through my window, I’ll again deliver FIVE THINGS from the Internet to you.

1. Occupy Boulder might be behind the curve a little as far as making its city uncomfortable — not exactly shutting down ports or getting getting double-digit arrests at Walmart is all I’m saying — but the tension is mounting on Pearl Street:

Toor said the county won’t ask the police to take action if there’s no permit in place by Tuesday afternoon. Instead, he said, the county will continue to encourage the protesters to apply for a permit and may present them with a hypothetical permit to try to reach an agreement.

If an agreement can’t be reached, he said, eventually the county would ask the police to take action. Protesters who wouldn’t leave at the request of police would be ticketed or arrested and their tents removed, he said. If it comes to that, he offered to be an observer to ensure that the removal would be handled “respectfully.”

2. Social media check-in: Facebook fans told us yesterday who they’d prefer as a CU commencement speaker: Ellen or Matt and Trey (see our story: it could happen!) — and they told us about the final exams that they’re dreading most, a list that included “oceanography” and “all of them.”

My favorite tweet of yesterday comes from our own Ashley Dean:


But the best so far today is right here:


He might consider one of the many beer blends that Tom just wrote about.

3. Sometimes I’m jealous of our colleagues down at the Post — check out their view at sunset:

But this is ridiculous:


4. I don’t have a justification for making this the morning music, I’m just doing it. Old friends. Pretty sure they’re not even a band now. Two of ’em are in this band now. The Governors Got Better Plans EP by The Governors

And if you’d prefer to start locally, here are The Batches: Latest tracks by The Batches

Still not enough local flavor for you? Start following Monika Runstrom’s blog — she’s all about the Denver music scene right now.

5. Finally, here’s the most arresting headline of the morning: Has Pubic Hair in America Gone Extinct?

Yeah, wow. So basically, read that if you want to test your no-really-I’m-mature-and-analytical lobe. By the way, that comes from a site with headlines like “The Gingrich-Huntsman ‘Debate,'” “In Economic Policy, Feelings Matter,” “The Craven Mitt Romney,” and “Debt Crisis, Banking Crisis, Constitutional Crisis.”