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The Colorado Daily usually adds my email address to the bottom of my columns. This results in a handful of messages from readers each week that I read with a mix of glee and pure terror. I genuinely like receiving email, and I like answering questions as long as they’re not about my hair.

One of the most frequent questions I get is “Do you know anyone that’s hiring?” The answer is “Yes, I do.” That doesn’t mean that I can just place you in a job, though. Finding employment in Boulder is just as challenging as any other market, really, but I’ve observed a few tactics that have worked for peers of mine. Below, I’ve assembled a few resources to help you find a perfectly geeky job that will support your unsettling cupcake habit.

Stand up or raise your hand

Getting “employ me” visibility at some of Boulder’s most popular tech events is often as easy as raising your hand, standing up and telling everyone assembled that you’re looking to lend your formidable talents to a lucky company in the room. While public speaking is something that may strike fear into your warm, squishy heart, it’s over in a flash and worth your time.

Boulder Denver New Tech, which takes place each month at CU, is a great place to start. Simply stand up during the beginning of the event (which is a meetup where local startups demo their wares) and let the assembled know what kind of work you’re looking for. Posting your information to the website is also a good move, since event host Robert Reich will scold you if you neglect to. More info can be found at

Don’t abuse private channels

I thought this was pretty obvious, but after consulting a few of my surliest peers I wanted to clarify that just because someone follows you back on Twitter or friends you on Facebook, you do not necessarily have permission to instantly send them a needy private message.

Just as you would never tattoo your paramour’s name on your chest after a first date, you shouldn’t rush past the getting-to-know-you stage in order to pelt your target with icky demands or ham-fisted questions — unless you approach them bearing ham. Most people can be swayed with offerings of meat or meat-shaped vegetables.

Yes, Twitter

Twitter is truly the epicenter for mass communication when it comes to people looking to hire or be hired. Yes, LinkedIn is more specifically built for this function, but it’s not as dynamic and open as Twitter. At times, it seems like all of humanity is screeching on Twitter, letting the heavens know that they’re simultaneously displeased and amazed and poor at spelling. Amid all this sharing are nuggets of golden opportunity, should you take the time to sift through it.

Try this: Mosey over to and search for the terms “boulder” and “jobs.” Scroll. Keep scrolling. Recruiters, local companies and normal folks doing favors for friends are posting jobs on Twitter. Some are worth your time, and others aren’t worth half the characters used to type them. Proceed with caution but please proceed.

Best of luck in your pursuit of paychecks. Sadly, if you have a history of stealing office supplies, you’re on your own.

Ef Rodriguez writes about geeky stuff for the Colorado Daily once a week. Send him gift certificates for hams at