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Volunteer Julie Connelly, left, helps Danny Viramontes, 3, with his new bike as his parents, Juan and Jasmine, look on at a previous Kids' Bike Giveaway, hosted by Community Cycles.
Volunteer Julie Connelly, left, helps Danny Viramontes, 3, with his new bike as his parents, Juan and Jasmine, look on at a previous Kids’ Bike Giveaway, hosted by Community Cycles.

On Christmas mornings when I was a kid, I always woke before dawn and crept ninja-like out of my room to get a sneak peek at the Santa situation.

How I’d proceed: With great care and patience, open bedroom door. Step to the far-left side of the hallway to avoid the creaking board in the center. Take one step further and lean forward precariously to see into my parents bedroom to confirm that they were still out cold, like a popped bulb on our tree. Then, on tiptoe, descend the stairs — on the right side because of creaks — just far enough to see our Christmas tree and the bounty beneath.

The bottom three steps were too creaky. I couldn’t risk them. So the barely contained joy began from the far side of these barrier stairs with a great gasp from a tiny child who thought herself super stealthy.

I bet my mom heard my door opening, every one of my steps and of course, my gasp of delight.

Every December, Community Cycles tries to bring a bit of that delight to families in need — with a bike. This Sunday, they’ll host their annual kids’ holiday bike giveaway at Boulder Indoor Cycling from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This is the sixth year of the event, and much like they have in previous years, Rich Points, executive director at Community Cycles, said the organization has collected and cleaned up about 300 bikes for kids.

Here’s how you can help: Go to and donate $25, which covers the cost of new parts and cleaning of one kid’s bike. Or sponsor a whole family for $100.

If you’d rather help out in person, Points said they’ll need help setting up bikes at Boulder Indoor Cycling on Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

For families who want to surprise their kiddos with bikes for Christmas, Points says to bring a report card, birth certificate or anything else that proves you have a child. (Community Cycles started asking for this last year because in past years, Points said, some people would haul off a dozen free bikes, saying they were for nieces, newphews and so on.)

This year, Community Cycles will also host a holiday sale at their shop at 2805 Wilderness Place the same day. Points said they’ll have some bikes for older kids there.

Every kid deserves the delight of a bike.

Info: 9 a.m. Sunday at Boulder Indoor Cycling, 3550 Frontier Avenue.

Dew, dude
Qualifiers for the Winter Dew Tour started at Breckenridge earlier this week, and a couple of alumni from the CU Snowboard Club are there competing with the best.

Pat Abramson, the CU Snowboard Team’s head coach, said that both Michelle Zeller and Seth Hill have been part of the Dew Tour before, and both could do (Dew?) well this year.

“Both of them have a crack at top 10,” Abramson said.

Late on Thursday, the tour’s site was reporting that Hill placed 19th in his round of slopestyle qualifiers; Zeller was 14th among the women.

The semi-finals and finals are this weekend.


Sweaty sweater
Horrible Christmas sweaters are all the rage, but on Saturday, you have the opportunity to run in yours for the Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K Run in Louisville.

My co-worker Whitney claims to have found the best worst Christmas sweater ever at Savers earlier this week. She said it was the very last one. I’m not buying it — I think she’s trying to make me look like a fool when I show up for this run wearing something normal, like my Batman costume.

Info: 11 a.m. at Lucky Pie Pizza, 637 Front St., Louisville; $25.

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