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Borgore. Photo: Maria Jose Govea.
Borgore. Photo: Maria Jose Govea.

Opinion on dubstep is pretty sharply divided. Chances are you either love it or hate it, and possibly just don’t get it.

The popular wisdom is that America hasn’t quite grasped on yet — even though Skrillex was just recognized by the Grammy committee — and that dubstep is far more popular overseas. Borgore disagrees.

“Dubstep in America is huge. The only place dubstep is not big is, funny enough, England,” he said. “Kids just don’t come to shows. You need to put every single motherfucker from dubstep on the bill to get 2,000 people [at a show]. America is a huge market. Denver specifically is huge, it’s insane.”

He’s right, the electro music in general is blowing up in Colorado. Within pockets of resistance, one of the big complaints is that it all sounds the same. But Borgore comes from a somewhat unique background as a pianist, saxophonist, death metal drummer and beat boxer. If you give the music a serious listen, you can hear the influences.

“It feels like everyone’s releasing the same tune. All the DJs are coming from house or electro,” he said. “[But] I think there’s a bunch of, like, musicians in dubstep right now where you can tell by a song, this is him, this is him, and I hope I’m one of them.”

Part of the draw is Borgore’s fuck-all attitude. His label’s website calls him a “provocation addict” and adds, “The aim is to bring you the music that the guys & girls at national radio love but can’t broadcast.” His Facebook lists just one influence: fine porn. Really though, you need to see him in person to get the full effect.

“Me as an artist, I’m a hard horse to leash,” he said. “I’m just doing whatever the fuck I want.”

Let this video speak for itself.

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