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2. Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

A Burmese python coiled around his arms, graduating University of Colorado senior Ryan Doptis explains with authority the anatomy of the snake.

The one he’s holding — which is slithering through his hands, flicking its tongue — is a juvenile and small for its size, but the snakes can grow up to 20 feet in the wild.

“They are able to have drastic remodeling of their hearts — or changes of their hearts — and their metabolic organs, such as their livers, when they consume a meal,” Doptis said.

For two years, Doptis worked in a CU lab that recently garnered international attention for its research on snakes and heart disease. The lab work inspired Doptis, who graduates Friday, to switch his degree path from engineering to molecular, cellular and developmental biology with the goal to become a professional scientist.

3. ♫ ♪ Oh, there’s a seal on the couch and a bear in the dumpster, a seal on the couch and a bear in the dumpster, a seal on the couch and a bear on the du-uhmp-steerrrrrr….

I don’t know. I guess I just thought it sounded like a song.

♫ ♪ …aaaand some pigs on a Chinese hiiigh-way.

4. The war in Iraq is over. The U.S. Secretary of Defense said so. Fascinating that that’s how a war ends, isn’t it? With a declaration. But there it is.

War Is Boring #2Of course there’s still a lot of war to go around. And since I seem to be obsessed with visual storytelling today, particularly illustration, I thought I’d offer up an unusual way to read about some of the faces of war. Let me preface this with the disclaimer that I haven’t read even most of this blog, so this isn’t an endorsement of what’s inside, but I am sending you there for a reason: War Is Boring.

Their description: “a collective of citizen journalists with a deep interest in world and national security. We are expeditionary, traveling to conflict zones whenever possible, on our dime – and yours. We are wary of partisan politics, skeptical of the military-industrial-media complex and free of war buzzwords. R.I.P., Old Media; long live New Media.”

But they came to my attention when somebody linked me to comic strips from military correspondent David Axe and artist Matt Bors (who is also on Tumblr).

As you might imagine, there’s a book. Maybe you haven’t found the right gift for someone yet. Go get it at your local comic shop.

5. Tweets of the day:


Hey, our dating columnist recommended that place, today, too!



Quick, somebody name Massachusetts the druggiest college! Or something!


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