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So, what did you read this week? Let’s have a look.

1. TOP STORIES OF 2011 — The top story this week was a list of the top stories this year! And who can blame you guys? The porta-potty peeper, the shrooms, the marijuana, the naked sushi party….

2. Hollywood Headaches: Lamar Odom does Dallas — Let’s get chitchat out of the way: NBA, you lost us at Michael Jordan’s second retirement. You are so arena football.

3. Lunar eclipse, winter solstice combined this year — We saw it. Did you?

4. The 20 best stoner films… that you’ve never seen before — Yep, this one stayed in the top five this week!

5. CU-Boulder psychologist gives study tips for finals — Hope it helped!

6. CU-Boulder’s international students carve out a campus communityNormally a loud, chaotic place jammed with tens of thousands of students, the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus settles into a quiet calm on Friday afternoons as those same students flee their stressful weeks.

Yet at around 4 p.m. each Friday, the University Memorial Center’s first-floor dining area attracts scores of students hoping to kick off their weekend with a cup of coffee, a pastry and some conversation.

CU International’s weekly coffee hour consistently brings together about 200 international students — more than 13 percent of the university’s total foreign student population.

7. ‘The Movement’ brings adaptive skiing to big screenThe ski film showing Wednesday night at the Boulder Theater is part of the Warren Miller legacy, but the “oohs” and “aahs” might not be what you’d expect.

The big air in this new film, “The Movement,” is caught by a guy on a mono ski. The skier shown screaming down the mountain at terrifying speeds? He’s visually impaired.

8. FIVE THINGS: Aw, go bike up a hill, wouldja? — Hey, this blogging thing might be catching on.

9. Get a job, geek: Job search tips for the BoulderishOne of the most frequent questions I get is “Do you know anyone that’s hiring?” The answer is “Yes, I do.”

10. Boulder’s Trilogy triplets to open new venue — This story from May of this year picked up a bunch of hits because the triplets finally opened Shine.