Hey, how’re you doing?

1. Holiday anxiety?

Or maybe just feelin’ lonely because campus is deserted? Well, you could do some therapeutic book vacuuming…

Or you could try the Make Everything OK Button.

Or this — DIY Star Wars Snowflakes. They’re non-denominational. Well, except in the countries where you can apparently mark “Knights of the Jedi” as a religion on the census. Like the Czech Republic, where 15,070 people apparently did that.

Or Matisyahu‘s list of 10 things for Jews to do around Christmastime.

Or the complete history of SNL’s “Celebrity Jeopardy.” There. Are we up to speed? Monday behind us? That’s the spirit. What’s Tuesday got?

2. Following the story: Jenn wrote about the Smileys — a married couple trying to hit each of 50 “classic climbs” in our country. But it turns out that’s pretty expensive and they’re looking for a little help, Kickstarter-style.

I don’t know if I’ve written about this here yet, but I think Kickstarter does cool things. I supported the production of two albums through Kickstarter and it didn’t cost me any more than I would have spent on the albums when they came out anyway. Have you Kickstarted anything? Tell me about it on Twitter. I love finding those things out.

3. CU-Boulder Admissions is trying to woo potential applicants with outdated pop culture references. Like “The Final Countdown.” You know, the 1986 song by Europe. What’s that, you say? High school seniors were born seven or eight years after that?

Well. Fine. But everybody should know it. So here you go.

Oh you want the original because you’re a snob. Here you go, YOUR HIGHNESS.

4. I stayed home sick yesterday and it may have been the best decision I’ve made this month. Firstly, I was, you know, sick. But then you’ve also got all this mess from yesterday:

Boulder County on accident alert as snow threatens evening commute — You should see the photo with that one.

Boulder police: Man in seizure hits 10 vehicles, stopped by victimPolice Sgt. Jack Walker said the incident began at about 4 p.m. when Robert Faber, 54, of Lafayette, hit several cars near the intersection of Broadway and Kalmia Avenue while behind the wheel of a Chevrolet pickup. He then continued north to Quince Avenue, where he hit another vehicle. Faber then continued to Poplar Avenue, where he made a U-turn and hit at least three more vehicles, police said.

5. Morning music from one of Ashley’s tweets yesterday.

Alabama Shakes EP by Alabama Shakes

6. Late addition: Ashley wrote about strange music in strange places for Monday’s paper. We’ve written about music in nontraditional venues plenty of times, but DIY shows are a different deal than music in coffee shops and record stores. So I asked our Facebook fans for some of their favorite such events. The first two answers were Ratatat at the Guggenheim, which looks amazing and music at Lumonics, an art gallery in Denver.

Got any of your own? Add them to that Facebook post.