Good morning, Boulder. Here are some tidbits to whet your appetite for a full day of eyeball-melting internet use.

1. A not-very-flattering picture of Occupy Denver: A traditionally solemn candlelight vigil for people who died on Denver’s streets was disrupted tonight by a loud, angry Occupy Denver group.

2. Here’s to dogs. Lauren at Elephant loves hers. I learned that California has a first dog. And this video is kind of amazing:

3. Hey, if I ever ask you to pour me a Dale’s, just pour it, OK?

4. Every day, we see more messages like these on Twitter:



Sure, it’s quiet on campus right now, but it’s one of the most exciting times of year for people who’ll be here next year.

5. A bunch of smart people got together and had drinks and talked about things they’re working on at a Boulder Beta event recently and FanMix emerged as the top dog for the night. Scope it out if you’re interested but more importantly, follow ’em so you can check out the next gig and meet some of these startup nerds you’ve been hearing so much about.

6. Man, there’s a lot of CU news to talk about. Let’s lead with porn again, shall we?

The University of Colorado is trying to stay a step ahead of pornographers by snapping up newly available .xxx website names, yet the address at the top of school administrators’ list — — already has been purchased by an enterprising Las Vegas brothel owner.

The ones they got in time:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

A University of Colorado student accused of punching and choking a fellow student pleaded guilty to felony menacing and third-degree assault charges Tuesday. In October, Thomas Frank Ross and another student, Christopher Tetreault, 18, were in a dorm room when Ross said the room smelled because Tetreault “eats all those Asian noodles.”

And judging by web stats, you didn’t miss this one, but just in case: A fire late Monday at a sorority house on University Hill did as much as $1 million in damage to the residence, and it is not clear whether it can be repaired before the 62 students who live there return from winter break.

7. Morning music…