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The Wailers play the Fox Friday night.

If you go
What: The Wailers
When: 9 p.m. Friday
Where: Fox Theatre,1135 13th St., Boulder, 303-443-3399
Cost: $26.50

The title of the Wailer’s tour says it all: Revolution.

The reggae group that began with Bob Marley has been preaching that sort of thing forever, but it’s been a long time since the message was so relevant in America. Plenty of people cared about struggles in other parts of the world, but the states were relatively fine. Now everyone is occupying everything (or #OccupyingEverything?) and the Wailers’ themes of equality really resonate.

“Revolution is the solution,” Wailers’ vocalist Danglin said. “Revolution reveals the truth, so lets revolt against the things that are not right and strive for equality and not inequality.”

Just over a week into the tour, Danglin said he can see a stronger reaction to the Wailers music in the audiences.

“People are in that mode. Not because of their liking, but because of necessity. It’s necessary right now to revolt against things that are unfair,” he said. “People are still starving and others are wasting food. The balance is not there.”

The shows emphasize songs with a revolutionary message, which Danglin said are meant to get people thinking about priorities, putting the struggles of other people before superficial issues.

“This revolutionary tour is just to bring awareness to the people and the audience and let them know that this music is still about change … That we’re not ignorant to whats going on in the world,” Danglin said. “We’re trying to spread this positive vibe.”

The Wailers practice what they’re preaching, too. They’re supporters of the United Nations’ World Food Programme — the world’s largest humanitarian agency, feeding around 90 million people a year — both promoting it and contributing music and merchandise to raise money.

With a group like this, young, white, middle and upper class fans often take a lot of crap for not really getting it or just being into the weed culture. Danglin isn’t worried, though, because part of the point is to make those people care. Besides, it’s also about the music, not just the message, and he’s always impressed to see how many people know the deep tracks.

“We look forward to seeing everyone out there in Boulder, Colorado,” he said. “Our college fans are very, very loyal and they’re fun. They’re a lot of fun. They come out and they really enjoy the music.”

Pete Kartsounes bringing Hawaii to Boulder

If you go
What: Winter Beach Party feat. the Pete Kartsounes Band
When: 9 p.m. Saturday
Where: Fox Theatre,1135 13th St., Boulder, 303-443-3399
Cost: $8

The Fox Theatre is getting beachy Saturday night with a Winter Beach Party featuring the Pete Kartsounes Band in the headlining slot.

As we mentioned just a few weeks ago, Kartsounes spends a lot of time hiking and writing music in Hawaii. He’s about to disappear to the islands soon, so he figured he’d give his first headlining show at the Fox a beach theme.

Joining him are a slew of Boulder regulars, including the Motet, Great American Taxi, Jet Edison, and Benny Galloway.

“We’re really looking forward to getting a bunch of local support and making this thing count,” Kartsounes said.

In that vein, Kartsounes said his team is stepping up the production value with dancers and a big light show.

“I just wanted it to be more of a visual concert as well,” he said. “Something to make this a really fun event, not just music and guys on stage.”

So dig up that hideous Hawaiian print shirt and enjoy pretending the Fox is anywhere near the ocean.

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