No matter how successful Big Gigantic gets, the duo still sounds like Boulder. Nocturnal doesn’t represent any drastic changes, but it’s another solid, danceable record.

Saxophonist and producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken once again take some funky live instrumentation and blend in hip-hop and dub beats, resulting in a sound some might call “jamtronica.” It sums up Big Gigantic pretty nicely, but term doesn’t really do the music justice, mostly because it just sounds bad. Without the live saxophone and drums, Big G would be far less exciting — but those elements add just enough soul to the otherwise standard wobbles and whomps of dub beats. On the title track, for example, the sax melody drives the song forward and it’s the mini solo that pulls you back in just when you feel like the beat is getting old.

The track titles speak for themselves: “Fantastic,” “All Nighter,” “It’s Goin Down.” Listening to this album will definitely leave you feeling good and wanting to dance.

Nocturnal is out January 11.

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