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If you go
What: Kung Fu and Smooth Money Gesture
When: 9 p.m. Thursday
Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder, 303-443-3399
Cost: $10-$12

Sometimes, when it comes to describing a band, it’s best to let the promo bio speak for itself.

Smooth Money Gesture is infectious groove funk with ear twitching space jams, face melting solos and tight rhythmic changes … With a variety of musical influences feeding the improvisational groove, and the majority of members contributing vocals and to songwriting, Smooth Money Gesture takes one on an adrenaline rich celebratory journey that never runs out of fuel.”

Even if jam bands aren’t usually your thing, how can you resist the rhetoric? This Nederland-based band promises high-energy live shows that are heavy on improvisation.

“There’s a party vibe. We’d like to think that,” lead guitarist Doug Diminico said. “Who doesn’t want to have fun?”

No one, that’s who.

The band has been slowly growing and moving over the years. Diminico and his brother Dan, who plays bass, grew up near Boston with guitarist Josh Gitlin-Rich. Along with their original drummer, they left the East Coast for Alaska. The band got going in earnest up there, but they decided it was time they bring their talents to the lower 48.

“We started having fun up there and decided we wanted to start playing somewhere in the central United States, as our home base,” Diminico said.

They brought their Phish- and Grateful Dead-inspired jams to Nederland, and picked up Pete Goldberg to play the keys. Most recently, they brought on Nederland native Cody Wales on the drums, who’s been a long-time fixture on the Colorado music scene. He’s shared a stage with Leftover Salmon, Jet Edison, Great American Taxi, Mountain Standard Time, Hot Soup and a long list of others.

“We’ve semi-recently started playing with Cody Wales on drums and that’s been going real well,” Diminico said. “We’ve been working in some additional songs that he does.”

The relationships between band members are key to a good jam band — being able to read each other naturally and easily — and it seems Wales fit in easily with the brothers and life-long friends.

“[There’s] massive amounts of improvisation. Almost every one of our songs leaves a space for improvisation, and even outside of that, we push ourselves to find parts of songs and change it,” Diminico said. “We do have a connection. We’re all very good friends and Cody just tapped right into that, just the way Pete did two or three years ago.”

Smooth Money Gesture will be joined at the Fox by the Connecticut funk rock group Kung Fu, a group made up of musicians Diminico said he and his brother grew up watching on the East Coast. Diminico also called Kung Fu a supergroup, which isn’t much of an exaggeration. Individually, they’ve played with the likes of The Allman Brothers, John Scofield, Bill Evans, Jazz is Dead, Umphrey’s Mcgee, T. Lavitz and The Disco Biscuits.

The show should be a big jam-fest, oozing good vibes and plenty of talent.