Katie Lindberg
Tyler Pinover

Name: Tyler Pinover

Year: Junior

Major: English

Hails from: Arvada, Colo.

Q: “Party Rock Anthem,” or, “I’m Sexy and I Know It”

A: “Party Rock, no question.”

Q: Have you ever picked flowers for a girl?

A: “When I was younger.”

Q: Are you old fashioned in any way?

A: “Yeah, I grew up on a ranch, if that counts.”

Q: Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?

A: “Nope, never did.”

Q: What do you do when you’re bored?

A: “Read my Bible.”

Q: King Soopers, or Safeway?

A: “I actually like Whole Foods but Kings is cheaper.”

Q: What does your alarm sound like?

A: “Actually I have a rooster alarm on my phone.”

Q: Are you a closet fan of anything?

A: “Classical music.”

Q: When was the last time you faked being sick?

A: “In high school, before one of my chemistry tests I tried to make myself sick.”

Q: What is your greatest weakness?

A: “Short attention span.”

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