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TOP STORIES IN JANUARY: Outdoors, in your ears, at the dinner table and in your pants — we know where you like it

Yes, friends, January has come and gone and pretty soon, the whole country will eschew meteorological science in favor of the chance encounters of a groundhog with his own shadow. Know what that means? Time to take a quick look back at what you all were reading in January. (And if January still has a too-soon feel to it, here are the most-read stories of 2011.)

Here, according to your reading habits, were your favorites:

1. Barefoot hiking follows the running boom — When Sonnet Baker showed up at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro ready to hike up the mountain barefoot, her guides had doubts.

“They didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, and they were not really welcoming it,” said Baker, of Boulder.

When she booked the trip to the 19,336-foot mountain — Africa’s highest peak — last year, she checked with her travel agent, Robin Paschall, owner of Boulder’s Adventures Within Reach, to make sure she’d be able to attempt the mountain barefoot.

2. Jack Roberts: Friends reflect on Boulder climber — As a climber, Jack Roberts was “sort of an ultimate hardman,” said his friend Dougald MacDonald, Climbing magazine editor. Tuesday morning, MacDonald’s job at the helm of Climbing magazine was a heart-wrenching one. The magazine posted a tribute, penned by MacDonald for his friend, who died of cardiac arrest following a 60-foot fall on Bridal Veil Falls, near Telluride, on Sunday.

3. SCI Fidelity: Pumping the jams out of Boulder since ’98 — Picture the stereotypical record label. It’s probably in a trendy high-rise in New York City or Los Angeles, maybe even San Francisco. But hidden among coffee shops, yoga studios and dispensaries, Boulder has its own little record industry that includes SCI Fidelity Records, sitting just above The Unseen Bean on Broadway.

4. Nerd Among the Herd: New phone-stacking dinner game will tear us apart — I read a lot of blogs. More accurately, I end up reading a lot of blogs because my friends post a lot of links to blogs on Facebook and Twitter. On one hand, it’s a good thing because it brings me closer to the howling din of humanity. On the other hand, it’s a bad thing because it introduces loathsome concepts to my pure, unspoiled mind. One such concept is a dinner game known as “Phone Stack.”

5. The 20 best stoner films… that you’ve never seen before — Still going strong!

6. Nerd Among the Herd: Shit Boulder Says — No, no one has produced an actual video (yet), but the hashtag #shitbouldersays crept into use among Boulder’s Twitter population and has yielded some very interesting insights into local culture. I have reproduced a few of my favorites below in an effort to explain them if they’re unclear. This is the shit Boulder says.

7. CU-Boulder student ticketed for falsely reporting University Hill attack — A 20-year-old University of Colorado student has been issued a ticket for suspicion of false reporting to authorities after telling Boulder police she was attacked in the University Hill area Sunday. Nina Fiorillo received the summons Thursday. She faces up to six months in jail and a maximum $750 fine.

8. CU tuition hike funded raises for Phil DiStefano, other top administrators — The University of Colorado used money generated from last year’s 9.3 percent tuition hike to reward many of its top administrators with raises, increasing Chancellor Phil DiStefano’s salary by $49,000 to $389,000 and doling out tens of thousands of dollars in salary increases to other high-paid employees.

9. “Columbine: Wounded Minds” documentary seeks support for victims — Sam Granillo was a junior at Columbine High School during the 1999 shootings and more than 12 years later he is finally ready for some counseling.

Granillo lost three friends and spent hours trapped inside the school listening to the shooters torment his classmates and teachers. He still scans the room for exits everywhere he goes and suffers from chronic nightmares because of the trauma he experienced at age 17.

Granillo, now 29, began seeking out help about two years ago, asking friends how they were coping only to find that a lack of insurance and funds left many victims without any support. As a television and film freelancer, Granillo — a University of Colorado alumnus — is also without benefits or the finances to pay for counseling, so he began looking to his film degree for help.

10. Fields in Your Pants: One and doneDear Mrs. Fields:

Please explain to me the proliferation of the one-and-done attitude with male-on-female oral. I don’t see it as unlike making a man a nice meal within the first few months of dating: you can’t feed him all nice and then expect him to eat Pizza Rolls from then until eternity. How does the go-down the first time around with a new gal pal exempt one from future trips to the YMCHeyyyyyyy? I can attest it isn’t a hygiene issue.

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