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Fucked Up, "Year of the Tiger"
Fucked Up, “Year of the Tiger”

Technically, Year of the Tiger is just a pair of singles released as one package, but because the total run time is nearly 38 minutes, let’s call this an album.

Fucked Up has been putting out Chinese zodiac records since 2006, and this installment is a bit behind (we’ve gone through the Year of the Rabbit and we’re now in the Year of the Dragon), but the band can be forgiven because it’s another awesome piece of music. Yes, awesome. It’s an appropriate word choice here. This isn’t just a band that’s loosely stringing some ideas together for the sake of creating some epically long tracks. Both “Year of the Tiger” and “Onno” sound carefully composed and thought out, which is always impressive within the punk genre.

That said, it is still punk. It’s a face-melter. Damian Abraham is still screaming his head off and forcing you to like it, and the guitar, bass and drums are pounding along loudly. Duchess Says’ Annie-Claude Deschênes and Austra’s Katie Stelmanis add some lightness with their vocals, as does the piano in the background. “Onno” gets a little more modern and abstract, and it’s a reminder that Fucked Up is capable of making noisy, hardcore rock into a complex art form.