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Magic Beans. Photo:
David Dettmann
Magic Beans. Photo:
If you go
What: Magic Beans
When: 9 p.m. Friday
Where: Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St., Boulder, 303-786-7030
Cost: $13.50-$15.50

Blended genres, instruments meeting electronics, improvisation, exciting live shows. That’s pretty much the formula for a successful Boulder band right now. It can be tiring, finding the truly talented ones, so here’s a hint: Magic Beans. No, that’s not some sort of drug code. We’re not advising you get twisted to make all music sound amazing. Magic Beans are a band out of Fourmile Canyon, doing the Boulder thing and doing it well. The relatively new band is gearing up for the festival season — primetime for these types of bands — and working on a new record they hope to release over the summer. Some of the new material will be on display this Friday when Magic Beans headlines at the Boulder Theater for the first time for the Snowball Music Festival Pre-Party. We talked with guitarist Scott Hachey about working on the next album and what makes the group stand out.

The blend of live music and electronics, plus the mix of genres, is somewhat common around here. What do you do that makes it your own?

You know, one of the things is that every member of the band, just like most people have such a varying taste in music and it’s hard to put out one group and figure out what you like. We definitely try to give all our members voices in the band. We take requests and hints from the audience, like we just did a track with a dubstep beat — it’s not what we do all the time but we’re down to keep it fresh and give people what they want and put on a good live show. That’s what we’re all about, putting on a good live show … We do the electronic stuff, but we’ve shied away from use of laptops and pre-recorded things. We do it all live and that’s really important to us.

You’ve played with a lot of Colorado’s big names. What’s you experience with the local music community been like?

It’s been great. That’s one of the things we like about being a band in Boulder. There’s such a great community and we all kind of work together and hang out and do shows together. We’re great friends with the guys from Technicolor Tone Factory and Pamlico Sound and some of the other local Boulder bands. And we’ve been forming connections with the Denver bands and Fort Collins.

You list Sean Thomas, who does your lighting design, as part of your band. You must consider that a pretty crucial part of what you do.

It totally is and he’s the sixth member of the band. He’s at every practice and he does as much work as us. It’s his instrument, it’s really expressive to him … When we improvise, he does improvised lighting. That is really a really important part of our live show.

Are you doing anything differently for the next album?

We’re going to do it all in our home studio that we’re building right now. We’re hoping it’s going to be more personal and it’s going to be more developed. Our last album — we’ve come such a long way from when we put that out. It’s definitely going to be more developed and more ‘now,’ because we’ve evolved so much.

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