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START HERE, BOULDER: Mardi Gras, liberated dolphins, proper grammar when Tim Tebow multiplies and more

Folks, here are a few things you oughtta know today:

1. Happy Fat Tuesday, everybody. We’ve got two guides for you: Boulder Mardi Gras music and Boulder Mardi Gras bars. Have at it and be safe. I know the whole “be safe” thing makes me sound old, but here’s what caused it: One of the locations features “BabeNight.” You know, where babes drink free. I’m just saying I haven’t seen use of the word “babe” in a while and it gave me the willies.

I’m sorry for saying “the willies,” particularly if it gave you the heebiejeebies or the screaming habdabs.

2. One thing to keep in mind while partying your face off: What happens on the internet stays on the internet. But not like the Vegas way. Here are tips for balancing personality and professionalism online from CU-Boulder Career Services.

3. When you wake up tomorrow, it’s possible that the world will be ruled by dolphins. Unlikely, sure, but they’re at least working on it with the help of a bunch of scientists who would like dolphins declared non-human “persons” — and they’d like to pass a Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans.

4. THREEBOW! What if we had THREE TIM TEBOWS? (Tims Tebow?) Well, keep wonderin’, because it’s not possible. But Denver Broncos head coach John Fox is looking for two more quarterbacks to compete with Timmy.

5. In my head today:

6. They’re still working on that liquor license for LA’AU’s.

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