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START HERE, BOULDER: Shower water in the terlet, quarterbacks all over the place and is the new Gmail still driving you nuts?

Good morning! Enjoy looking out the window today, everybody — you won’t want to be out there with all the wind, and tonight we get the return of snow.

Here’s a good start on today’s endless feed of information.

1. Your used shower water can’t go in the toilet because of state law, regardless of the fact that CU has spent $230,000 so far on graywater plumbing systems designed to do just that. Or, at least it probably can’t. “The law is not clear, frankly,” Akers said.

I stayed in an “Earthship” once. Massively cool, if you’re into green design (and New Mexico). Here’s how they reuse their water.

2. Local blogger Monika Runstrom hates the new Gmail and says it takes up twice as much of her time. My wife hates it, too.

3. Colorado sports junkies got their underpants all tangled up over Denver Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn telling a GQ writer that he didn’t get a fair shot because Tim Teboow’s fans were so loud that they spooked head coach John Fox & co. into being Tebowmaniacs. The GQ story, “The Year of Magical Stinking: An Oral History of Tebow Time,” is good — check it out. Of course now there are apologies and columns about it.

The Post’s Woody Paige gets to the heart of it:

Quinn has a right to be bitter at others and himself. But his comments about Tebow to Michael Silver for the March issue of GQ were not, as many claim, spiteful or negative. The observations were quite honest – especially when he was quoted as saying wistfully: “No, I didn’t have any billboards. That would have been nice.”

4. Meanwhile, former Buff Tyler Hansen is working out with Quinn and Tebow and says he hasn’t seen any tension between the two.

5. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside are here to take you into the next part of your day: