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Student of the week: Nils Besvold
Katie Lindberg
Student of the week: Nils Besvold

N ame: Nils Besvold

Year: Freshman

Major: Business/open option

Hails from: Burbank, Calif.

Q: What do you think of Adele?

A: Amazing.

Q: How are your classes so far?

A: Easy enough.

Q: Were you more sad when Michael or Whitney died?

A: Michael, for sure.

Q: Have you ever watched “My Strange Addiction?”

A: Yes. I watched some girl that ate cornstarch.

Q: What is your personal motto?

A: Don’t be stupid, stupid.

Q: Have you ever crafted?

A: Yeah I make T-shirts.

Q: What is the best thing you’ve ever won?

A: In high school, second place in the Junior National Championships for volleyball.

Q: Can you tie a bow tie?

A: I can not.

Q: Do you nap?

A: No, I don’t.

Q: Do you know what Skrillex hair is?

A: Nope.

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