We made it, everybody — it’s Friday. So let’s get outta this week fat with news and information. Here’s what’s up in Boulder for you:

1. You’ve read all about avalanches this year, seen ’em on the television… but you’ve also heard about “avalanche warnings.” How do we know when a place is primed for an avalanche?

Avalanche forecasters tell us. Check out Jenn’s story on these guys — she went out into the backcountry with them on Wednesday for the story.

“It’s the human element that we battle year in and year out, because we see people making the same mistakes year after year, decade after decade.”

Greene said last week, the forecasters saw dangerous conditions on the horizon for the holiday weekend. They did everything they could to get the word out, but there were several accidents over the weekend.

“We’ve had four people die this year when there were active avalanche warnings out,” Greene said.

With that in mind, if you’re the backcountry type, you might take the opportunity next week for a free avalanche clinic at Neptune.

2. I’ve talked about how I love Kickstarter. Here’s a cool local one for a product called Ubooly. Looks to me kind of like a modernized Teddy Ruxpin. You kind of have to see it to understand it, so here’s the video:

No idea if it’ll work or not, of course, but two things I really like about Carly Gloge, who launched the project on Kickstarter are (a) that her bio sounds like a lot of Boulder folks’:

Carly has a design consultancy in Boulder, CO. With her husband Isaac, she has worked on over 400 projects for startups, small businesses, and community initiatives. A native of Calgary, Alberta, Carly has traveled the world to find inspiration and common goals. She attended the University of Texas in Austin, and has since lived in Silver Plume, Leiden, Amsterdam, Ohrid, and now Boulder. Carly has worked as a ski instructor, completed an Ironman, plays texas hold-em, and loves to surf.

…and (b) that she has backed a bunch of fun Kickstarter projects herself.

3. CU Student Government is hoping to convince freshmen that there’s not much to see at the annual 4/20 happening. Freshmen said that wasn’t particularly realistic.

4. Gas prices, man. They’re rising before your very eyes.

5. Need some new jams? Ashley’s got you covered with today’s Playlist column.