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Chiddy Bang “Breakfast” review
Chiddy Bang “Breakfast” review

Chiddy Bang first snagged our attention with “Opposite of Adults” — an upbeat celebration of never growing up that sampled MGMT’s “Kids.” Two years later, the Philly duo is back with their first studio album and the same infectious energy.

Xaphoon Jones pulls together synth hooks, drum machine beats, electric and acoustic guitars, and vocal samples, and makes it all pretty irresistible. The album title Breakfast just begs for a food analogy, so here it is: pancakes, with tons of toppings. It’s a sugary sweet, but still a hearty meal. Chiddy’s rapping offers a consistently good foundation with his playful lyrics and steady flow. Jones throws in a variety of treats to keep things interesting — 8 bit video game sounds on “Baby Roulette,” orchestral strings on “Interlude,” or the soulful vocals on “Ray Charles.”

Breakfast is destined for heavy rotation at college parties, but that’s not an insult. Chiddy Bang balances fun with substance, and only occasionally stumbles.

Give the video for “Ray Charles” a watch. It’s completely wonderful.