A lot of music could be described as futuristic or robotic just based on the fact that it’s created using machines, but Grimes’ latest album Visions might fit that bill better than almost anything else (Daft Punk probably has her beat).

Listening to Visions is sort of like watching The Jetsons — it feels like a a 20th century prediction of what things would be like in the new millennium. In this musical future, everything is sharp, clean, and beautiful. Claire Boucher’s airy voice peacefully coexists with the somewhat menacing robotic beats. She’s playing with some hypnotic vocal tricks, especially on “Color of Monlight (Antiochus),” with hiccups of leaps providing what might be the most human part of the album.

Though it’s all well crafted, there’s also a dangerous sense of detachment. It’s an enjoyable record, especially if given a close listen for all the intricacy and detail, but it’s not likely to make you feel anything.

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