If there’s one thing I know, it’s not to tell anybody your dreams.

That and keep $20 in your sock, and the rest under a tarp in your crawl space.

But mostly don’t tell anybody your dreams. So I won’t. But. Man.

But I won’t. So here’s what’s happening in the actual world:

BOULDER GETTING ROBBED: So let’ see, on 2/19, we have “Four Boulder bank robberies in three months marks local crime spike.” Then, 2/21: “Boulder police respond to reports of armed robbery at adult entertainment store.” And 2/23: “Boulder police looking for suspects in two unrelated robberies, one theft.” 2/25: “Boulder police looking for man who robbed Elevations Credit Union today.”

Wow. Makes you think, but remember: Socks and crawl spaces are not FDIC insured.

ART OF THE AXE: Ashley wrote about Jonas Guitars, where Jonas Ceelen has been handcrafting guitars for 15 years and teaching others to do the same for seven.

Jonas Guitars sits just past 75th Street on Arapahoe Avenue, but there’s no sign to mark its existence. The only distinguishing landmarks are some horses and a spiral-shaped sculpture by the road. Down a short gravel-and-dirt driveway, inside a small barn, is where Jonas lives and works.

A lofted area where he lives is barely noticeable — most of the space serves as the workshop. Guitars hang on the walls in varying states of production, a wood-burning stove keeps the room just warm enough, a small black dog wanders around or naps on the couch, and the whole place smells like sawdust. A handwritten sign lists the shop rules, the most important of which is “Jonas knows. Pay close attention to his instruction.”

WHITNEY HAD A BUSY WEEKEND: Our own Whitney Bryen was scrubbing baseboards when she looked out her front window.

“I could see the flames shooting out of the backyard,” she said. “The whole tree was completely lit up.”

She rushed to the house next to the blaze to rescue a dog left home alone. Another neighbor helped an elderly woman on the other side of the burning home exit safely, with oxygen in tow.

Read more about the fire in Denver’s West Highland neighborhood at denverpost.com.

SWEET GIG: Know what I’d like? A breakfast burrito. And a job I work for 140 days a year with full benefits, half a million dollars and a pension payment. Know of anything like that? The Camera’s Brittany Anas does — and she reported a story on them:

For example, Ric Porreca, 53, senior vice chancellor and chief financial officer, retired on Feb. 28, 2011, and was rehired to the same post on April 1, 2011. He’s now eligible for roughly $500,000 in combined CU salary and pension payouts for working the equivalent of seven months a year.

SUPPORT FTW: Cheer on your friends, like @clareyt does. I loved this simple video she tossed on her tumblr of cheering on her best friend in her first season of skiing.

BB KING SAMPLE STAYS WITH ME: Yeah, I don’t know why I woke up thinking of this one. Hit me with something better to listen to on Twitter: @daveburdick.