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Good morning, friends. Know what I’m thinking about? I’m thinking about the one thing that a letter-writer told us can make Boulder a better place.

Boulder, in many of its residents’ eyes, is a healthy, democratic paradise. Visitors may agree as they meander their way through the streets lined by “cute” little houses or look west to the picturesque Rocky Mountains. But some of us know that Boulder is, in fact, not the perfect paradise it is made out to be. Perhaps it would be if it had one more thing, something that any decent town must include: for Boulder to truly meet its full potential we must have a respectable donut shop.

Read the whole thing.

Staying on the theme of treats, Ashley was spreading Chiddy Bang’s new “sugary sweet” album around the internet and around the office yesterday. Check out her Chiddy Bang “Breakfast” review — and the fun video for “Ray Charles.”

If college-party hip hop isn’t your thing, I do have an alternative for you….

Like Oskar Blues? They’re really getting after it. They’ve improved their canning line and they’re launching a distillery.

Jenn would like to know why you are not wearing underwear. And, when you do, she would like to know why she can see it.

And I would like to know if you ever watched “Freaks and Geeks.” Vulture did an interview with Linda Cardellini, who played protagonist Lindsay Weir, about an upcoming project that sounds pretty cool and asked this question about her “Freaks and Geeks” family:

Jason Segel and James Franco feels so omnipresent in pop culture right now. Is that odd for you? And how do you and Busy feel about the fact that Judd Apatow never made star vehicles for you?

All those guys are so talented, and I’m happy they’re doing well. It’s nice to see people succeed and, you know, John Francis Daley’s doing his thing too. It’s a pretty amazing thing that everyone’s still going at it. And as for the Judd question, the funny thing is that we get it a lot. I still see Judd! I don’t know — I think it’s his question to answer.

I’ll leave you with the opening sequence — and the thought of eliminating every Jason Segel project ever in favor of something else.