Daniel Rolland of gives out shirts and pizza to promote his website.

After four successful years in Boulder, — a restaurant-ordering website — is looking for new customers outside of the University of Colorado community.

CU alumnus Daniel Rolland launched HungryBuffs during his freshman year and as he moved on from campus to grown-up life in Denver early this year, so did his business.

Rolland’s brother started a similar site during college in Indiana, which was also successful. They collaborated on ideas and marketing tactics while in college and now that they’ve both graduated, the brothers are living together in Denver and experimenting with a sister site, MileHighMenus, which launched in October.

The site is the brothers’ first attempt at expanding their idea to a city rather than a college town, Rolland said.

“It’s the same idea but it’s just on a bigger scale,” Rolland said.

MileHighMenus has over 500 Denver restaurant listings, including hours and menus, with 25 offering online ordering. Rolland said marketing has been slower for the new site since customers are spread out across the city with no central location like campus to reach their audience.

CU alumnus Louis Lehman said he started using HungryBuffs as a freshman when his meal plan got old.

“I couldn’t eat the dorm food every day so I started eating out,” Lehman said.

Four years later, Lehman is living in Denver and said as he transitions from college to looking for a job, it’s nice to have a familiar convenience.

“I’ve used MileHighMenus probably about 10 times so far,” Lehman said. “I’m not very familiar with the city yet so it’s a good place to go to look for new restaurants.”

Lehman said because he’s in between jobs, saving money is important right now. The site offers specials for online orders, which Lehman said are an advantage for bachelors who don’t cook often.

Since 2007, HungryBuffs has given students a place to order food from Boulder restaurants online, many including delivery services that appeal to students who may not have a car, Rolland said. The site’s continued growth led Rolland to expand the services beyond Boulder to Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield, and Westminster early this year. Rolland plans to include Longmont restaurants in the near future.

“Students really liked the site and then we started getting emails from alums who were living outside of Boulder asking if we were going to offer the service outside of Boulder,” Rolland said. “At first we just kind of brushed off the first emails but we started getting so many and the expansion has been growing pretty quickly so far.”

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