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Here’s what’s new:

Sometimes, students respond better to a fresh face — someone other than the same prof they’ve seen week in and week out, all semester.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for that at CU, with musicians Flobots and former personal aide to the president Reggie Love visiting campus to talk about the important of activism and politics, respectively.

A building where my wife and I have long dreamed of starting our brewpub is getting a new tenant. You know the one if you’ve been around boulder for more than four years or so — it’s the one with the best unused patio in all of Boulder, right on the creek at Arapahoe and Broadway.

Is it safe to assume that basically everyone in Boulder dreams of one day opening a brewpub? Where would yours be? Got a name yet?

Also very Boulder: puppies. Lots of ’em

Musically speaking, the worst thing happened yesterday. Out of nowhere, I got “Gucci Gucci” stuck in my head. Like the song or not, it just stays in there. The only thing to do was to go at it, head-on. The Lil Wayne version did the trick:

That and alternating with Neil Young, who I’ve been listening to a lot this week for some reason.

You know who’d love Lil Wayne (eventually)? Whoever is eventually convicted of selling dental gold taken from the dead in Longmont. Creepy! There has been an arrest in the case.

Hey, want to see a whole lot of bicycle music videos? I collected more than 30 of ’em.