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Lately, much has been made about the political process here in Boulder County which seems to eliminate the possibilities for a broader range of possible candidates. The recent uproar over Ben Pearlman’s transition from County Commissioner to County Attorney was just one example. The result is that many well-qualified candidates are handicapped from the get-go, resulting in discouraging a more diverse pool of candidates. The fact that there were once five candidates in the District 2 race and now just 2 seems to support this perspective.

Fortunately for Boulder County voters, we do have a choice among the field of qualified candidates. One of the most qualified is Peter Salas, Pete brings decades of community service, administrative experience, and a wide range of work with diverse County agencies and populations. Currently the Diversity Liaison for Boulder County, Pete has been a Boulder County employee for 20 years and has been dedicated to bettering Boulder County for decades.

Pete has held elected office as a city council and school board member, served on over a dozen boards and worked with many agencies, organizations, and diverse communities in the county. His knowledge, public service, history of awards and recognitions, and political and administrative experience make him a most logical choice. This is opportunity to elect an outstanding candidate with demonstrated leadership capacity and commitment to Boulder County, and ensure a diverse perspective on the Board of Commissioners.

Voters do have a choice in District 2, but only if citizens participate in their caucuses. Please become involved this year in this important race. Find out about your caucus location, attend your caucus and participate in this most important democratic process and join me in supporting Pete Salas for this important position.

Elena Holly Klaver