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White Rabbits, "Milk Famous"
White Rabbits, “Milk Famous”

White Rabbits have have had indie pop rock on lock for years now, deftly blending lo-fi rock sounds with synthy hooks, and each album has been far more hit than miss. Milk Famous is no exception.

The band has kept a surprisingly lowl profile, considering how listener-friendly and catchy their music is, so for those who haven’t had the pleasure, their music sounds sort of like a collaboration between Spoon and Phoenix. (No surprise, Spoon’s Britt Daniel produced White Rabbits’ 2009 album It’s Frightening.) Milk Famous has heavy doses of vampy, odd ball keys with gritty spurts of guitar under Stephen Patterson’s pretty-but-edgy vocals. Then there are tracks like “It’s Frightening” or, even more so, “The Day You Won The War,” where they let themselves get a little weird with the synthesizer.

More than the past two albums, which were both excellent, White Rabbits is declaring themselves pop. It’s not in the formulaic, mainstream sense, but in the unreasonably catchy and delightful sort of way. This is a can’t-miss.