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Adventure Records releases ‘Cuvée 7,’ a compilation of local music
Adventure Records releases ‘Cuvée 7,’ a compilation of local music
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What: Adventure Records Cuvée 7 Release Party
When: 8:30 p.m. Saturday
Where: Shine, 2027 13th St., Boulder, 303-449-0120
Cost: $8

This weekend and next, Boulder’s Adventure Records celebrates the release of Cuvée 7, another compilation in a series that brings together local music.

The first release party will be this in Boulder Saturday at Shine, and the second will be in Denver next Friday at the hi-dive,  7 S. Broadway, Denver . The $8 admission for both shows includes a copy of Cuvée 7 (the term cuvee refers to a wine blended from a variety of grapes).

The compilation features a long list of artists who are all over the local music scene lately: The Yawpers, all capitals, The Pretty Sure, Kissing Party, Mr. Anonymous, Dechen Hawk, Bonnie and the Beard, Ryan Dart, SuperCollider, Ramaya Soskin, You Go I Go, Shiny Horses, Megan Burtt, Idlewhile, Crow Radio, The Knew, Kristina Murray and Ryan Dart, who has been writing music for 11 years. Dart was mostly working solo until about four months ago, when he got a band together. Cuvée 7 will include the track “Too Old” from his December 2011 EP, The Shift.

“I released an EP in the first part of December of last year … and they liked a couple of the tracks and wanted to put one of the songs on the compilation,” Dart said. “And a friend of mine works with Adventure Records, so I was happy to help. I always like supporting local music, aside from my own anyway.”

The Boulder release show will be all ages, with performances from Kristina Murray, Ramaya Soskin, Idlewhile., Ryan Dart and Dechen Hawk. Ken Kadonaga, of Adventure Records, said the Boulder show has a decidedly more Americana and folk vibe, whereas the show in Denver will be more rock oriented. The hi-dive show is 18+ and will feature You Go I Go, Kissing Party, all capitals and The Pretty Sure.

“I was born in Colorado, but I grew up down south in Arkansas,” Dart said. “So I definitely grew up with a lot of those music influences and I don’t mind being called folk or Americana. That doesn’t bother me at all. I’m just happy to be playing music. I don’t know everybody that we’re playing with, so it’ll be nice to meet some new folks”

His attitude captures everything the Cuvée releases have been about — the local music community getting together to support each other, and just enjoying it.

“It’s been fun you know, it’s been really good supporting the local musicians out here,” Kadonaga said. “They’re just great people as well as great performers. It’s been a great experience.”