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University of Colorado senior Josh Yeaton takes off for a practice ride on his bicycle on Tuesday, March, 13, at his home on Santa Clara Place in Boulder. Jeremy Papasso/ Camera
Collegiate race results from the Stazio Crit
Men’s A
1. Josh Yeaton, CU
2. Zack Allison, CSU
3. Matt Lyons, DU

Men’s B
1. Danny Hiller, CU
2. Jacob Hadar, Colorado Mesa
3. Collin Demos, DU

Men’s C
1. Cyrus Pearo, DU
2. Cameron Brown, CU
3. Alex Ranum, CU

Women’s A
1. Natalie Koch, CU
2. Abigail Mickey, CU
3. Heather Fischer, CU

Women’s B
1. Nicole Broderer, CU
2. Nora Richards, CU
3. Fiona Weeks, CSU

Full results at

The collegiate cycling season just got underway, but University of Colorado senior Josh Yeaton has already won a bike race, right here on his home turf.

The CU Cycling Team put on a race last weekend — the Stazio Criterium — for both collegiate racers and citizens. Yeaton won the collegiate “A” race and sprinted to second in the top category of the citizen races.

An aerospace engineering major, Yeaton is still trying to decide what to do after graduation: be a full-time cyclist, or a full-time engineer who also races bikes?

“I’m considering options at this point,” Yeaton said. “I’m planning on focusing on racing until August, when the road season kind of winds down, then I’ll decide.”

After the Stazio Crit and between classes, we caught up with Yeaton to talk about the races, his training and his Australian and Alaskan roots.

Q: What has your training been like this season?
A: It’s been really good. It’s been pretty tough with some of the weather we’ve had, especially in February, most of the month was cold.

We’re heading out with the team a lot and doing team time trail training. It’s a third of the score of nationals, so it’s pretty important there.

Q: What’s your favorite local ride?
A: Flagstaff.

Q: Are you psyched that it’s in the Boulder stage of the Pro Cycling Challenge?
A: I wish I could race it. I want to see how fast those guys can haul up it.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I went to high school in Anchorage, Alaska, but I was born in Adelaide, Australia. My dad was in the oil industry, my mom is Australian. I have dual citizenship, actually, I’m American and Australian.

Q: Have you done any racing down there?
A: Yeah, I have. After my freshman year of college I went down during our summer, their winter. I think it was the West Australia road racing championship. I got my international cycling license and raced with all those guys. It was really cool.

Q: What happened in your collegiate “A” race at Stazio (which you won)?
A: We met beforehand with the team — Frank (Overton) has been really big about meeting with everyone and talking about tactics. The plan was to be super aggressive — we have a bunch of guys, and we have a bunch of fast guys.

About 20 minutes in, I noticed it was really strung out. I put my head down and did a big attack.

With about two laps from the end, we in the breakaway started playing a little cat and mouse. There were a couple of attacks.

The CSU rider, Zack Allison, launched the sprint, and I was ready for it.

Q: Did you save anything for the pro-1-2 races (in which you came in second)?
A: Honestly, I didn’t. I was kind of thinking going into the pro race that I was just going to chill out, sit in for a half an hour, get some good training in.

But then, when the team came together, they’re like, ‘OK Josh, you’re the sprinter for today.’

The team was pretty awesome. We haven’t done a whole lot of riding with the whole team, but with about five to go, we got out front. One of my teammates was sitting on my wheel, making sure no one got on mine.

I was pretty pleased. The coolest thing about the pro-1-2 race was the team being on the front. I’ve never been part of a lead-out of that caliber.

Q: How are you feeling about the rest of this season?
A: I’m feeling pretty good. We have a lot of strong guys. The first step is winning the conference, and I think we can take that back from Fort Lewis.

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