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What:Billy Franklin’s NOLA Live w/ Holden Young
When: 5 p.m. Sunday
Where: Quixote’s True Blue, 2151 Lawrence St., Denver, 303-366-6492
Cost: $10

Things have been a bit quiet for Holden Young lately, but he’s feeling relaxed a ready to pile on the gigs. 

He’ll start with a run of shows with good friend Billy Franklin, who’s currently on his NOLA Live tour. After a few nights in Steamboat Springs, they’ll be at Quixote’s in Denver this Sunday. The New Orleans style will be different if you’re used to Young with his organ trio, but he’s been working with Billy Franklin for years, so he’ll be equally at home. 
We gave Young a ring and talked about how he found Franklin, what his connection to New Orleans is, and what’s in store for the Holden Young Trio.

You have a bunch of shows coming up.

Yeah, I’m playing with another band out of New Orleans. Our next Holden Young Trio show isn’t until the 14th of April.

So, who are you working with for these Denver shows?

It’s Billy Franklin and the NOLA ALLSTARS … It’s a combination of traditional New Orleans tunes, funk, reggae, and a couple of my tunes.

How did you hook up with them?

My original connection to New Orleans was working after the hurricane. I was working in Houston and I went down [to New Orleans] for two months and that’s what brought me to Colorado. Through that, I met Bill Franklin in Steamboat and we’ve done work together for the past five or six years.

What were you doing together?

He recorded bass on our first album, Steps to the Top, and also some guitar parts on there. And in 2008 he moved back to New Orleans, so whenever he comes back he’ll play with our band or I’ll play with his, and we just try to support each other however we can.

So what brought you to Colorado after New Orleans?

I had a friend in Steamboat and I was really disenchanted with Nashville, which was where I was living before the hurricane. I didn’t think the commercial side of music was as important to me as I thought it was. I just thought I wanted to live where I wanted to live and do what I wanted to do, so I moved to Steamboat and started the Holden Young Trio.

What’s the trio been up to lately?

We just got back from a tour through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana. Other than that I’ve been just doing all the mountain shows we can while the winter is still happening.

Is that because that because you like to ski or because of traveling in the weather?

Yeah, [laughs] it’s because we like to ski.

Anything else coming up?

We’re going into the studio to record a new album. That probably won’t be done until the fall. So that’ll be a spring/summer recording project. And then we’re doing a bunch of shows on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo. We’re doing Topo Ranch, First Street Pub and Shine that weekend. We’ve been working with a new keyboard player, although I don’t know which shows he’ll be doing yet, but we’re still doing the organ trio, so that’s organ, guitar, drums and bass.

It sounds like you’re going to be very busy.

Yeah I’ve been really busy nonstop — but these days it’s been really relaxed. Not playing has been a nice break, so that’s why I’m feeling relaxed.

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