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  • Carry Me Ohio


    Carry Me Ohio

  • Carry Me Ohio


    Carry Me Ohio


If you go
What: Carry Me Ohio
When: 7:30 p.m. Friday
Where: Rock N Soul Cafe, 5290 Arapahoe Ave., Suite I, Boulder, 303-443-5108
Cost: $8-$10

If the band bios are to be believed, Boulder group Carry Me Ohio has some fantastic back stories.

Newest band member, bassist Neil Sorenson, apparently came in second place on Nickelodeon’s “Global Guts.” He and I met, and that’s sort of believable. Then there’s drummer Dan Nadler, dwarf-mountain expert and “Most Likely To Not Fail At Life,” and lead guitarist David Goodheim, gold medallist for outstanding facial hair who lost his phone 42 times in one day. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Evan Pugh defeated a mountain lion in a wrestling match and was accepted to Hogwarts. Congrats.

Whether or not you want to believe all that doesn’t really matter (But why not? It’s more fun.). Here are some definite facts, if you prefer that sort of thing. The band got together in March 2009, and settled on the name Carry Me Ohio because, out of a list of ideas, it was the only one they could all agree on. It’s the name of a Sun Kil Moon song they all liked and identified with. They’re based here in Boulder and they usually have a couple shows each month in the area.

What you should also believe, and even confirm for yourself, is that this indie/alt rock band sounds good.

Exhibit A: Carry Me Ohio’s first album, Oak and Iron Bound, recorded in October 2010, is available for a listen and purchase on the band’s website. The production is impressive, considering the crunch they were in to get it made and released.

“That first time we recorded up at Altitude Studios in Sugarloaf and that was definitely money-limited,” Pugh said. “We only had money for 3 1/2 days and we used those 3 1/2 days to the best of our ability, which meant, like, 20-hour days, which was not fun. But it was productive.”

Their sound is most easily classified as indie rock, but there’s an alternative country tinge to it. It comes from a barely noticeable twang peeking through the lead guitar and Pugh’s laid-back vocals. In fact, the pace for much of Oak and Iron Bound is pretty laid back. It’s not boring, it just takes everything nice and easy.

The next album, which they’re hoping to finish in the next six months, is poised to take the sound up a notch with the addition of a lap steel guitar on a few tracks.

“We’ve got 15 or so new songs that we’re trying to narrow down to ones we want to put on an album,” Pugh said. “We’ve recorded some of the tracks, but not all of them. There are maybe two songs that have a lap steel on them, so those feel a bit more alt-country.”

As for another round of self-production, Pugh said, “that’s up in the air.”

“What we’ve recorded so far has been self-produced, but we’ve been talking to some people who are interested in producing.”

Exhibit B: Of course, would be Carry Me Ohio’s live show. Your next chance to catch them is Friday in the intimate setting of the Rock N Soul Cafe. If you miss that, they’ll be at Moe’s Original BBQ in Denver next Friday.