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On behalf of Carly Robinson, Andrew Yoder, and the rest of the CU Student Government (CUSG), I would like to thank Chancellor DiStefano for lending us this week’s chancellor’s letter to reaffirm to the CU community CUSG’s stance on the 4/20 gathering.

As 4/20 grows into an unmanageable, unwanted disruption that impacts the academic activity of CU students and faculty at the very heart of our campus, it also continues to dilute the value of a degree from this university and has become a significant concern to the greater CU student body.

The gathering of thousands of students and non-students on Norlin Quad to simultaneously engage in an illegal activity is not adding any value to this institution or to the reputation of individual CU students. My favorite story illustrating this point came at our winter Student Forum, an event in which CUSG hosted a discussion among the student body, the administration and CUSG about the recurring impacts of 4/20.

At the forum, a senior arts and sciences major told of how 4/20 had had a personal reverberation for him. Professionally dressed in a suit and tie, he introduced himself and then shared with us a story about an interview he had just that week in which the interviewer’s first question out of the gate to him was: “So we see you currently attend CU-Boulder. Taking a drug test for this job isn’t going to be a problem, correct?”

This story paints a perfect picture of exactly we what don’t want this day to do to our students. The job market is more competitive today than ever, and universities are fighting harder than ever for recognition of their academic rigor and professional placement performance. The 4/20 gathering has proven to be one of the biggest counterweight to CU-Boulder’s efforts in these areas.

4/20 is at the center of CU’s “party school” reputation — a hazy blanket of misperceptions and stereotypes that impact each and every student attending this university. Our administration has partnered with the administration of Chancellor DiStefano to end 4/20 on CU-Boulder, and we want you to join us. Don’t attend the gathering. Don’t invite friends to attend. Don’t show up to watch. Recognize the greater repercussions of this day on you and the value of your degree, and contribute your efforts to its closure. Our degrees and our reputation are worth it.

Brooks Kanski serves as external vice president of the CU Student Government.

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