I joined Twitter on June 8, 2007. After four years and counting, I have observed many things and been appalled at many others. That’s because I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my laptop with Twitter open, idly scrolling through hundreds of tweets in a single sitting, looking for pearls of wisdom and intrigue.

Yes, there is wisdom and intrigue to be found on Twitter if you’re willing to look for it. Of the most interest to you, dear reader, is the wisdom to be found when you limit your search to the Boulder hashtag aka #boulder.

Hashtags on Twitter are used to group tweets together based on subject. Some people use them responsibly and others can’t be bothered. I straddle the line between the two camps, wearing a cowboy hat and spurs. The #boulder hashtag is a way for users to glimpse information that people want to be identified explicitly as “about Boulder.”

To give you a sense of the bristly Boulder zeitgeist, I have collected some of the finer #boulder gems from the past week. Read them over, savor their flavor and then consider contributing to this crowd-powered body of opinion, thought and hysteria with your own #boulder tweets.

is that… snow??? #wtf #boulder — @AleyaJean

At the time of this column’s writing, Boulder had experienced days of very pleasant temperatures, followed by a perplexing period of wintry malaise. Clearly, the populace is unamused with Mother Nature’s status as a hot mess express.

Nothing like being barked at by an Abert’s squirrel from 5 yards away! #happyspring #boulder — @thatsmyjamm

I confess that I had to look up what an Abert’s squirrel is, and I’m still not absolutely sure I get it. I mean, if you didn’t get a good look at one, you might think it was a Eurasian red squirrel because of the similar ear tufts. The fur coloration is a dead giveaway, though. Did I ever tell you about the time I was chased across campus by what I fervently believe was a Sulawesi dwarf squirrel?

Anyone in #boulder need a racquetball opponent? I’d like to start playing again. — @davidkovsky

While this doesn’t technically count as wisdom, I thought I’d help this David Kovsky character out. You’re welcome, Kovs.

OH “I’ve never been to #Colorado; is that by #Boulder?” Love ppl with worse geography than me. — @EllaFitzsimmons

This tweet’s author used the classic “OH” construction, which is a web acronym for “overheard.” It’s used on Twitter to relate quotes from anonymous sources. In this instance, someone’s geographical shortcomings provide a nice chuckle, perhaps even a chortle.

Blackout in #Boulder. I hurt my toe. — @RuthEllenKocher

I wasn’t aware of a blackout in Boulder, but I did manage to hear about Ruth Ellen’s toe. I was arranging my Pokémon cards when I felt a disturbance in the Force and knew instinctively that Ruth Ellen’s toe had been besmirched. I wept openly and without shame. I guess you could say I was… to’ up on the inside.

There are thousands of Boulder residents documenting life here via Twitter, many of whom collect their thoughts with a single hashtag. If you’ve never taken a moment to gander, visit and do so. Ruth Ellen’s toe shouldn’t suffer alone.

Ef Rodriguez writes about geeky stuff once a week for the Colorado Daily. Everybody tweet that he’s looking good today. He’s @pug.

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