Program Council is packing its schedule with concerts as the spring semester winds down, and this Saturday you can see Jay J Mattot and the Arctic at Club 156.

The local indie/folk rock foursome plays a lot in Denver, and they set themselves apart with a few extra ounces of passion.

“I write music with all of the passion that I have inside of me,” Mattot said. “So I’d say the four of a us play a set that’s just full of purpose and passion and excitement. The music is kind of folky and kind of rowdy.”

Joining them on stage is Stephanie Dorman, another local songwriter and someone Mattot thinks deserves more exposure.

“[Stephanie] is a good friend of mine. I think she’s probably the most talented songwriter in Denver, so I’m excited about that,” Mattot said. “I really just want to see her take on her music and be excited about her music the way other people would if they heard her.”

Get to the show at the start to catch the openers, upbeat indie group Slanted Jack and Chris Kennedy doing his solo thing on guitar.

The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $7.