If you go
What: Neal Marks Quartet w/ Psychonauts
When: 9 p.m. Saturday
Where: Lazy Dog Bar, 1346 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-440-3355
Cost: free

This Saturday, two local bands make their live debut at the Lazy Dog. Post-rock outfit Psychonauts open the night ahead of the Neal Marks Quartet, a rock ‘n’ roll quartet made up of former Zobomaze  and The Pamlico Sound members, as well as a University of Colorado a cappella female vocalist. Marks gave us a call to talk about his new band and what they’re all about.

Since you’re making your debut as a band, tell us why the show is worth it.

I think that this is an important show for the Boulder scene because these are a group of musicians who have had some very high-profile gigs, and I feel very lucky to catch these musicians at the time I did because they’re in between projects, and I feel like I’ve caught some really talented folks … They’re locals and they’re from Denver and Boulder. They’re all pretty young, but they’re up-and-coming musicians who have been on the scene for a long time … I think a lot of our fans who know us as individuals and as friends have been looking forward to see us come together and see this happen.

There’s not a lot of rock ‘n’ roll in Boulder. There’s just a handful of bands. A lot of the music in this town is very jammy and focuses on extended sounds, and a lot of it is bluegrass oriented … I’ve always had a rock ‘n’ roll band and I’ve really wanted to see more rock in this town. We’re ready to deliver that to Boulder.

You have know these guys for a while now?

I met Sean Dandurand, the bassist, at one of his biggest shows. His former band Zobomaze, which is still playing around Denver, opened for Parliament Funkadelic. I was really turned on by them and I made an effort to go find Sean and express my interest to play with him. 

We ended up staying in touch and playing together here and there, and there came a point where he decided he wanted to leave that band and I popped the question to see if he wanted to play together … Forrest [Raup], I met through The Pamlico Sound … around the time I decided I wanted to leave that funk band and start my own project, Forrest decided the same thing, and I really enjoyed playing with him … 
The vocalist, El [Winstead], I’ve been most lucky with her because she’s a phenomenal singer. We have a mutual friend who’s in the CU women’s a cappella chorus, and El used to be a part of that. Our friend Becka said ‘Hey there’s this girl who can belt, you should call her.’ … I said ‘Hey we need a vocalist and we need a female who can add some sex.’

So what comes after the debut? Any plans to record, or just more shows?

This project was founded upon just wanting to have fun together and having a good time. We’re all great musicians, we’ve done the professional thing and we put a lot of effort into those projects. We decided we wanted to take a break and let music be what it most naturally is — which is just fun. If it ever gets to be the point where it’s stressful booking shows and touring, then I think that’s the time to end the project.