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  • Cameron Redwine

  • Andy Schneidkraut stocks records at Albums on the Hill in...

    Cameron Redwine

    Andy Schneidkraut stocks records at Albums on the Hill in Boulder on Tues., April 12, 2011. Cameron Redwine / The Camera

  • James Haldeman looks through a stack of records at Absolute...

    Nick Oxford

    James Haldeman looks through a stack of records at Absolute Vinyl in Boulder, Colorado July 26, 2011. For a video interview with store owner Doug Gaddy go to Photo by Nick Oxford Camera July 26, 2011



Christmas comes in April each year for music lovers and audiophiles in the form of Record Store Day, and there are plenty of giveaways and in-store concerts for Boulder and Denver this year.

Every year, a long list of bands prepare special releases just for the big day and record stores across the country scramble to snag copies for their customers. For fans, it’s a day to hunt down their favorites — especially in vinyl and exclusive box sets — and a race to grab them before the stores run out. Many record shops will sweeten the deals with concerts, drinks, food and giveaways.

This year there are just more than 170 titles being released for Record Store Day, with the number of copies ranging from 1,000 to 6,000. Almost 100 additional titles will be out exclusively in certain regions or in lesser numbers of 100 to 800. Well-known bands to look for include The Black Keys, Phish, Arcade Fire, Miles Davis, fun., Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Common and more.

Even with only two officially participating stores, Boulder will have a lot to offer Saturday. Doug Gaddy at Absolute Vinyl,  5360 Arapahoe Ave., and Andy Schneidkraut at Albums on the Hill,  1128 13th St., have been hard at work stocking as many RSD releases as possible. Bart’s Music Shack,  236 Pearl St., is not listed on the RSD website, but they’re bringing in new vinyl as well.

As of Monday, Gaddy had at least 300 new RSD titles and about 1,000 records total. Unsure of what this year’s biggest seller would be, he went for variety.

“I don’t know what the most sought-after thing is this year,” he said. “I’ve got lots of good records and good new releases on new vinyl that I bought just for the day, so I’ll have some cool stuff.”

Up on the Hill, Schneidkraut is also up to his eyeballs in new records. It hasn’t been easy, but he feels good about what he can offer and just excited for the day to come.

“Record Store Day itself is special,” he said when asked if he had anything special planned. “One of the things to recognize is that not everybody gets everything, but I have a good fill of it this year, so I’ll see a lot of the things people are looking for.”

All three shops have live music lined up, including sets from The Yawpers, who are making a six-show run out of the day.

The Boulder band will tear through Denver, too, where there are at least five shops participating in Record Store Day. Below is a list of participating record stores in both cities and a map to help navigate the day.


Albums on the Hill
1128 13th St.

Live: The Yawpers

Absolute Vinyl Records
5360 Arapahoe Ave.

Deals: Adventure Records, Radio 1190 and RSD giveaways
Live: 1 p.m. Whiskey Blanket, The Yawpers, The Alright Band, Monocle, Jamesons Co-Dependent Country Band, Modern Synthetic Chemistry
Other: live painting from Anthony Moulton, Kung Fu demonstrations

Bart’s Music Shack
236 Pearl St.

Live: 12 p.m. The Yawpers, Springdale Quartet, Los Fear of Shrimp


Wax Trax Records
638 E. 13th Ave.
Vinyl store: 303-860-0127
CD store: 303-831-7246

Live: 1 p.m. Coverage, Uphollow, Accordion Crimes, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Jason Heller

Independent Record & Video
937 E. Colfax Ave.

Deals: 10 pecent off all used items
Live: 1 p.m. MTHDS, Dustin Edge, Council of Word, The Submarines, Take to the Oars, Repercussions, No 1 Left Standing, The Yawpers

Atomic Records Denver
340 S. Broadway

Deals: 20 percent off all used vinyl
Live: 5 p.m. The Yawpers

Twist & Shout
2508 E. Colfax Ave.

Deals: first 50 customers receive a gift bag
Happy hour: free Breckenridge beer from Reverb and First Drafts
Listening party: 5 p.m. Jack White’s Blunderbluss

LPHound’s Vinyl House
6235 E. 14th Ave.

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