Some CU-Boulder graduates postpone full-time jobs, take advantage of summer break

U niversity of Colorado graduate Viktoryia Smatrytskaya joined more than 6,200 graduates on Friday at CU’s Folsom Field to celebrate the end of her college career.

However, there’s one aspect of student life she’s not ready to give up: summer break.

Smatrytskaya has spent the last three summers waiting tables at a restaurant in Estes Park. She said this summer, recuperating from the school year will be no different just because she has her degree.

Next week, the linguistics grad will return to Estes Park where she’ll take it easy for the next three months her serving job before starting a full-time job.

“I’m going to spend the summer working a little and saving money before I have to get a real job,” Smatrytskaya said.

Smatrytskaya said she hopes to find a full-time job by the late summer or early fall.

CU’s spring finals ended last week, sending some students home for the summer while others will spend their time escaping from homework and exams in the area.

International affairs graduate Drew Rutledge is also clinging to summer break as he moves home with his parents and begins searching for an internship.

Rutledge said he’d spend much of the summer studying for the LSAT and GRE in hopes of improving his scores.

However, despite his efforts to savor a few free days this summer, Rutledge said the next few months are not going to be stress-free.

“My moving home is contingent on me having a job,” Rutledge said. “I’m taking a gap year before I got into the next step of my education, but I’m not going to be watching a lot of TV or anything.”

As his parents nodded in agreement, Rutledge mumbled under his breath, “but maybe I’ll get to sleep in for a few days first.”

While many graduates search for jobs this summer, Architecture alumnae Kim Fix can relax knowing she already has her next source of income lined up.

Fix accepted a job with a company in New York, but she plans to take some time off before moving to the city and to start her full-time gig.

“They told me I could start in June or July if I wanted to, so I think I’m going to wait until July to go,” Fix said. “When I did my last interview they said to take some time if I needed to because once I started working, that was it.”

The next two months are filled with plans to travel, sleep in and enjoy life a little, Fix said.

“This is it, as far as breaks go,” Fix said. “You don’t get summer break or spring break or winter break anymore when you’re working. I really want to make sure I take some time for myself.

“This is the first time since kindergarten that I’m not in school. It’s really important for me to make the most of it.”

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