Early morning runners cast their shadows on the floor of Folsom Field during the 32nd Annual Day Bolder Boulder on May 31, 2010. Colorado Daily file photo

Back in December, realizing my folks have been running for several years now and still haven’t run the Bolder Boulder, I did them a favor and signed them up myself.

Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad — you’re running the Bolder Boulder, and now you have to buy plane tickets to Colorado.

I didn’t plan to run it with them. But the FOMO — fear of missing out — was building.

Doing the Bolder Boulder feels like a rite of passage around here. The community spirit on the day of the event is palpable. I’ve never run it. But I don’t want to look back and wonder why didn’t I immerse myself in the spectacle of masses of people running in chicken suits and tutus, a run in which I can grab a beer along the way, get soaked by a kid (or adult) with a squirt gun and finally, dodge someone on the verge of vomiting at the finish line.

(Last year, while I was parked at the finish line with a crowd of photographers waiting for the millionth-ever Bolder Boulder racer to come through, I met volunteer Paula Gerthe, who told me that she does “puke patrol” at the finish to keep queasy-looking runners from barfing in the middle of traffic. She said she has five kids, so “puke does not scare me.”)

In addition to FOMO, I had some guilt — my folks were a little bummed that I wasn’t running it with them. When I decided to do it, I texted my dad: I’m running it with you two. He texted back that this made it more special for them.

Knowing Dad, “special” meant: it will be special to run together as a family, and also, it will be “special” when a kid nails me in the face with a squirt gun and Dad laughs so hard that he has to stop running to catch his breath.

Maybe, on Sunday night, we can have a special, family carb-loading Pasta Night at Jill’s Restaurant in the St. Julien. The release for Pasta Night says that it “includes a carb-loaded pasta bar, antipasta, a salad station, Italian breads and $5 house wine.”

Knowing us, it will be special when we both eat so much pasta that Mom has to roll us out of the St. Julien.

Info: 5:30-10 p.m. Sunday, Jill’s Restaurant, St. Julien Hotel, 900 Walnut St. $19.50; runners with a Bolder Boulder bib get 50 percent off. Reservations required: 720-406-7399.

Mamabird flies again

This weekend, the USA Ultimate College Championships return to Boulder. You can watch the competition all weekend on the fields at Pleasant View Sports Complex in North Boulder.

Last year, after a somewhat rainy weekend on the fields of Pleasant View, the University of Colorado-Boulder’s top men’s Ultimate team, Mamabird, fell to the University of Wisconsin in the semifinals.

I know what you’re thinking: Mamabird? Sadly, I’ll never know what it means. You only learn the story behind this quirky name if you’re on the team that goes to the national championship.

CU is ranked 10th going into the tournament and plays Cornell Friday morning, then Washington on Friday afternoon. The finals are Monday.

Info: Tournament runs Friday through Monday.

Climbing phenom Chris Sharma is in Boulder this weekend for a couple of events.

Saturday evening, he’ll give a talk and slideshow at Movement Climbing and Fitness. Earlier that day, he’ll be at an event that isn’t open to the public — it’s for the kiddos in Boulder’s ABC Climbing program.

Aw! Little crushers!

The talk at Movement benefits the Access Fund.

Info: 7 p.m. Saturday at Movement Climbing and Fitness. Advance tickets $10 at Movement or Prana, $15 at the door.

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