Ef Rodriguez

Before a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, it must first go through a lengthy development stage that’s comparatively gross. It’s a whole lotta larvae, if you know what I mean. In a way, I am like a caterpillar, and I wanted to thank you for observing me during my larval stage over the past year in the pages of the Colorado Daily.

I have lately turned into a butterfly and will be fluttering away from Boulder for Amsterdam in a few days. This is my final column, and I wanted to use it as a verbal farewell to Boulder’s tech community, which has fostered and enabled my whimsy for years.

To people who like events:

Thank you for attending and supporting Boulder’s many tech-focused events (such as Boulder Denver New Tech and BoulderBeta) as well as events that have evolved into something completely different (Ignite Boulder and TEDxBoulder). Each one provides its own value and deserves to prosper. Watching some of the biggest venues in town get filled by geeks is something I won’t soon forget. Thank you for not throwing tomatoes. You’re a class act.

To people who build things:

A lot has been written about the entrepreneurial spirit that haunts these streets, a ghastly apparition that would claim dozens of lives if it weren’t so busy writing code. Boulder is a place where innovation goes to rock itself silly. Thank you for contributing to that reputation with your dogged pursuit of hacktasticness.

To people who tweet a lot:

It seems pretty silly to have a Twitter community, but we have one — and it’s marvelous. I’ve written about Twitter before, but I just wanted to reiterate how valuable and entertaining it’s been as a Boulder resident. Share news, share thoughts, share Funyun-based recipes. I’ll follow you back and read them all. My username is @pug. I got the flava.

To my arch-nemesis:

You have eluded me for months, but I will find you. When the skies are tranquil and the wind is calm, a rainstorm will begin. The world will grow dark, and I will emerge from the soil ‘neath our feet, my fingernails encrusted with grime and slime. I will crawl like a too-large baby from the filthy pit to your doorstep. And then, and only then, will we battle like angry dinosaurs with journalism degrees. I am coming for you.

To my dearest friends:

You don’t spend 12 years living in Boulder without making a few friends. I’ve made plenty, and it’s not easy for me to turn away from you, as though you’ve just given me a lousy birthday present.

I’ve made friends who own some of Boulder’s most popular businesses. Worth every dollar I spent. I’ve made friends who are way better at “World of Warcraft” than I am. Worth all the gold in Azeroth. I’ve made friends who have only been in Boulder for a few months. Don’t be scared. I’ve made friends with people who were born here. Stop being scary. If you’re reading this, and I wasn’t lucky enough to meet you, I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re a stellar person who leaves generous tips when dining out.

This place has more bounce to the ounce. It’s more important than character, than money, than hygiene. It’s bounce that counts. Toodles!

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