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A pup goes for gold at one of the DockDogs competitions in the 2010 Teva Mountain Games. Photo courtesy Vail Valley Foundation
A pup goes for gold at one of the DockDogs competitions in the 2010 Teva Mountain Games. Photo courtesy Vail Valley Foundation

O n the days and weeks ahead of last year’s Teva Mountain Games in Vail , crews were out on the trails with shovels and snowblowers to clear the way for the mountain bike and trail running events.

Snowy singletrack is tough to ride or run. And Vail, like much of our state, had plenty of late spring snow in 2011.

This year, it’s a different story. The trails people (and dogs) will run and ride this weekend during the multi-sport Games — which include sports for outdoorsy canines, as well as their human companions, a photography competition and music — are nice and dry. So are the creeks, relatively speaking.

Last week, organizers of the Games said they might have to cancel some of the stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and whitewater kayaking events due to low water levels.

This week, they officially cancelled the SUP events. But for the boaters, it’s game on.

The steep creek, freestyle, downriver sprint and raft race will still take place during the 2012 Games.

Canceling an event is a bummer, but the great thing about both Colorado and the Teva Mountain Games is that even if your favorite sport isn’t in session right now, you probably have a handful of other second-favorites to choose from.

DockDogs Big Air competition, anyone?

Info: Friday through Sunday in Vail.

National Trails Day

Every time there’s a trails day of some sort, I hesitate to write about it. Usually, when I put in a call on Thursday to see whether there’s still room for someone to join a trail crew on Saturday, there’s no room. It’s full. Boulder folks care about their trails — apparently so much that you have to plan pretty far ahead to do trail work.

(Ironically, this might be the only thing we plan ahead for. Party on Saturday? “Yes, probably, if I’m back from hiking this fourteener in time…assuming I don’t change my mind because of the weather and go for a mountain bike ride instead.”)

There are several events around Boulder for Saturday’s National Trails Day , including trail building with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance at Heil Ranch or with Open Space and Mountain Parks on the Homestead and Towhee trails.

Though I just gave you a cautionary tale, don’t listen to me. Try to sign up anyway. If nothing else, someone will put you on an email list for the next trail-building day, which I promise is just around the corner.

Info:, (under “volunteer”)

Boulder 360

This Sunday is the B-360 ride , a casual jaunt on two wheels around — literally around — Boulder.

The event is free and includes snacks from sponsors and a free bike check from Community Cycles.

Info: Sunday, start between 3 and 4 p.m. from Scott Carpenter Park, 30th St. and Arapahoe Ave.

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