If you go
What: HoneyComb
When: 8 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Laughing Goat Coffeehouse, 1709 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-440-4628
Cost: $5

If you keep an eye on local music venues, you probably see the name HoneyComb pop up a lot. And if you’ve caught them live, you were probably dancing. The eight-piece Boulder band — which is made up mostly of CU master’s and doctoral students — plays a mix of funk and soul originals and covers. The full lineup includes Kelly Mack on vocals, Tung Pham on trumpet, Andrew Stonerock on tenor sax, Ryan Sargent on trombone, Chris Beck on keys, Josh Kossman on guitar, Aaron Bagby on drums and Ari Gagne on bass. 

Other than a short demo, HoneyComb hasn’t done any recording, so the best way to check the band out is in person. We chatted with Ari Gagne about the band’s monthly Laughing Goat gig.

How long has Honeycomb been playing the Boulder area?

About a year now.

Have you recorded at all?

We just recorded, like, a little five-song demo that’s up on our site that we recorded last summer … I think there’s a few originals and covers.

Who writes your original music, and what’s it like?

Our guitar player, Josh Kossman, has wrote quite a few tunes, then myself and my wife have wrote several of the originals. My wife is the lead singer. The original music is probably a mix from just straight funk to more of a New Orleans style. And even some of our originals — one of them is even more, I would say, more of just a walk type of tune in some regards.

You do a lot of funk and soul covers, too. What are your favorites?

The two bands or artists that we cover the most are Stevie Wonder and Tower of Power.

I see Honeycomb on the Laughing Goat calendar a lot.

They’ve asked to us to play every first Wednesday of the month.

How did that come about?

We just played there once and they dug our group and our band and the reception from the people, so they said ‘Hey, you should play here more.’ Since the Laughing Goat’s not a late-night bar gig for us, we enjoy playing there once a month because it’s a more mellow scene than playing to 100 drunk people.

I imagine most of your other shows are more lively.

We’re a dance band, so yeah, our shows are usually just playing to people on the dance floor for the most part. I mean, we, you know, play this music because we don’t want to play standing there with people staring at us.

Do you have plans to record more?

We kind of do this band because we love to play music and we all get along and we’re friends and we hang out. It’s not like we’re trying to do this to tour outside the area. For us, making a CD and selling CDs is not what this project’s about. It’s just about playing music and having fun.

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