A nd so we have returned again to this glorious time of week: its end. The time where work melts away, and instead of chugging coffee, our cups runneth over with a more … amusing cocktail, with far more interesting end results.

Well, you all do, anyway.

My weekends are more often than not spent at my desk, putting together newspapers, while my Twitter feed blows up with updates from my friends enjoying their nights out. Bitter? Nah….

But more to the point, I’m here to point out this weekend’s options for you lucky folk. My request? That you enjoy your time out for the both of us.

Tune on in

The radio waves are filling up on brews this weekend too, and so while you indulge yourself in a cold one, flip your station to 102.3 ESPN for Colorado Craft Beer Radio.

Broadcasting that day? Interviews with Boulder Beer Company president Jeff Brown and brewmaster David Zuckerman. A treat for the ears while you guzzle down beer.

It’s ales, all day, all over. Anything better than that?

Soak in the sounds and savory flavors Saturday at Boulder Beer Company. And after the show, for those who are my kind of outdoorsy, it’s Pool Hall Richard, live on the patio for afternoon action.


Info: 102.3 ESPN will be broadcasting Colorado Craft Beer Radio, followed by live music at Boulder Beer Company, 2880 Wilderness Place, 4 to 6 p.m.

Finding brew solidarity

You’ve brewed up a bottle your very own flavors, packaging ’em up and presenting them to the group of friends you trust to delight in what you’ve slaved over for weeks.

With anticipation and agonizing expectation, you poor it out and pass it around. But sadly, their taste buds simply aren’t attuned to the delicate infusions you’ve spent your time infusing into the flavor. But don’t fret. Avery Brewery is here to help, join the Homebrew and Bottle Collector Support Group on Monday for more refined company, and get the recognition you crave.

Every third Monday, folks join to share their special beers with fellow quaffers, enjoying the tastes, smells and conversation of those who are no strangers to the unique brew.

Info: Homewbrew and Bottle Collector Support Group, 6 p.m. on Monday at the Avery Tap Room, 5763 Arapahoe Avenue.

Beer with dad

And for those of you running for dad this weekend in the Fathers Day 4K, earn your brew with Avery, one of the sponsors for this Sunday’s race.

Just what your old man needs, a cold one before he returns to the grind on Monday.

So brew up the good times. It’s your time to pour out the fun, guzzling away your worries.

I’ll be sitting in here, jealous and waiting for my time to do the same. Usually on Tuesday or Wednesday. Yea, I know. Not the same.

Info: Start the race at 5 p.m. at Boulder Reservoir on Sunday.

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